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  1. sweet :) yeah i started on the 18th

  2. I started last week... well after like 3 days i began to get a bit dryer... and boomb! i began to get pimples all over my face.... they were mainly small white heads... and i think that was the "IB" since usually i get few but preatty Gianourmous cysts... :confused: =( now after a week my face is dryer.. and i feel my face healing and I do not get painful cystica ones.. i get a few .. but they are quite diferent
  3. hey this is edgar =D one of your new buddies...

    you said you had some headaches remember?? hey i had one more question ... did you get initial break out?? i kind of did and i was wondering how longs did your last? if you had one?

  4. hello ... it happenend to me just today... but it was red like from an external bleed.... it was barely noticesable on the tissue ... how bad was yours ?? i think if it happens again i might have to tell my doctor... but i have no experienced anything woerd like that.. other thant first day ( day 5 to now 6 slight headaches) .... please post comments ... it is nice to have accutane buddies =D
  5. hey i am on day 6 now =D i am glad to hear i am not the only onei am taking sortret... now the heachache is not so bad... but i am yet to take the pill today... hey do you mind if you add me as a friend .. since we have started almost at the same time it would be nice to have a buddy =D! thank you for your comment it really helped .. i am not so nervous anynore that is nice to know .. hey did you finish your treatment? or are you still on it ? ... another question .. how do
  6. Hello... on day ..5 ..I began to experience some mild headaches that were long lasting... they are not severe but they last hours... occacionally they go away... and then they come back... I am on an 80mg dose... i called my doctor and she was not too concerned.... I am, since this could mean high preassure in the brain ? has anyone experienced this ?? please... comment
  7. hey i am on day 5 ! you started on monday??

  8. I get it from my ensurance... hoe this helps ... live in Illinois and have blue cross blue shield =D i pay around 15 bucks to get it.. ofcourse after having been prescribed by the derm =D
  9. Hey This is edgar ... i hope everything is going well for all of you guys .... okay this is day 5 and i had a minor headache in the morning I took tylenol and this seems to help... the headache weas minor... but i am pretty sure it is due to accutane... has anyone had the same thing?? please help!
  10. Hey My name is edgar ... and I started on monaday the 18th... everything seems fine... except for a minor headache tha bothered me this morning ... I call the Dr. but he was not very concerned... any how i will bug them if this persists =( Hopefully i am not take off the meds. I had all of a sudden acne around my 18th yer of life ... now i am 19.... but it turned severed... genetically ofcourse... so the derm put me on accutane with high expectations hope