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  1. I recently had nose surgery, and my skin, after being pretty clear for years, broke out like I am in middle school. I am finally getting on some minocycline. But I overused some strong benzoyl peroxide on one part of my cheek, and I guess I burned myself a bit. It's just flat and dry and a bit red (or darker) and crinkles when I smile. I know I need to moisturize it, but please tell me this is not going to cause a scar. I was already flipping out that the breakout would cause a scar, and he
  2. hi ylem, good luck - wishing you lots of improvement. dr. lam doesn't do laser, so although he may be reputable, he may not know the improvements it is capable of. now i have not had it, but i consulted with dr. lam and two other very reputable double board certified cosmetic surgeons. the latter both recommended laser (and they offer other procedures) and even dr. lam said it might help my particular scarring. i had surgery (for another reason) two weeks ago with one of the other doctors a
  3. yes, unfortunately, it's possible. it's happened to me. it might have just been a deep pimple.
  4. http://www.columbiaderm.com/ Dr. Despain treated one poster on here with fantastic results. If you search you will probably find the thread.
  5. I think I had a consult with this very doc today.
  6. Thanks for the info. I'm really glad the CROSS is working for you. I will meet three docs next week and decide my plan of action. I suspect I will need a few removed and that I may also benefit from CROSS. I am a little nervous but fed up so I will have to take the risk. Very annoyed because I acquired my first scar in 7 years in the last couple of weeks - a small one - but still annoying.
  7. I'm in the Dallas area. Wish I had the guts to do TCA cross myself! Glad it is working for you. Did you go to your appointment? Mine are not for a couple weeks. Funny, I also need to get my deviated septum fixed.... Cool, me too, my appointment is on july 6th, where are you located? I am in philadelphia and a couple years ago i went to U of Penn for my nose which was deviated and they fixed it awesomely, so i figuared let me go to their scar specialist and see what can be done, the cross
  8. I use an at home microdermabrasion kit (such as Dermanew) along with Retin A on my back, and it works. I do it every day pretty much, but it's not an overnight solution. But it's quicker than doing nothing.
  9. Hi, I don't have any advice, but I have a couple appoinments in July with plastic surgeons for the same purpose - to see about removing several of the scars that bother me most with punch techniques. So I can share any info then!
  10. I haven't heard about Dr. Lam from any derms, but I didn't specifically ask. My best friend, who is a derm out of state, contacted her derm friend here in Dallas to ask about Verret and get other recs. I was told Verret and Bassichis have good reps. The derm here refers to Bassichis so only knows his work firsthand.
  11. I'm not sure about all the different procedures Dr. Bassichis offers. You can google him to find his website, but it doesn't go into great detail on scar revision. All I know is that he has a good rep amongst the derm community.
  12. I have consults with Dr. Lam, Dr. Verret, and Dr. Bassichis in July before I decide who to go with for some ice picks and a few other scars. I am also going to ask about getting a deviated septum fixed. The only bad review I have seen for Dr. Lam is I believe for a nose job, but I could be remembering wrong. Dr. B was recommended by my derm friend. I was told Dr. Lam and Dr. V charnge a $100 fee that can be applied to procedures, and I was told that to see Dr. B I would pay a specialist co-
  13. Hey Leo, Congrats on getting gradual improvement. I hope it keeps up. I was wondering if you had talked to Dr. Shah about a couple of things I am wondering: punch technique for very small picks and whether he's ever seen scars get bigger with his TCA application. Thanks, and please keep us posted. I get a good feeling about Dr. Shah by looking at his site and hearing from others.
  14. That does seem very high. A doc told me if the scar is only 1-2mm, then excisions are preferred to floats. Sound - how did yours turn out?
  15. carrie, Thanks, and I hope your appmt. goes well. Look forward to hearing about it!