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  1. I've been using this stuff for years now. The results have been too subtle for me to judge--but it doesn't break me out, and my skin always feels happy after I use it. This is more of a brightening product, not so much a lightening product.
  2. Sitto

    Bio Oil

    Has anybody had any success diminishing their red marks with Bio Oil? For reference, . For uneven skin tone, it says to use it twice a day for a minimum of three months. A few years ago, I would have scoffed and said "THAT'S TOO LONG!" I've been clear for a while now, though, and my red spots have become less prominent (but still apparent) over time--so, I'm not in any hurry for a miracle fader. I'm willing to wait (besides, it absorbs quickly and I need a good moisturizer o.O). Anybody he