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  1. Amazing! I am now on my 4th month but still I have this big pimples! My face became less oily though. How I wish I could be pimple free
  2. Hi! I too have been having problems with the redness of the scars. Hope theres a solution.
  3. HI! I'm on my 4th month of 30mg/day of accutane and theres some red dry patches thats appearing on my skin. do you have this also?
  4. corche74

    day 52

    My acne was not responding to any topical and antibiotics. I had a very oily skin too. Its so unsual that my acne is only on the right side of my face. To this day I still have red marks on my right face. It has not totally disappeared. I'm still on accutane. My worry is that my face is now dry.
  5. From the album: my tane progress

    day 52, left side of my face is now clear
  6. corche74

    my tane progress

    I'm 34 years old and I've started tane last July 22. My Dermatologist found it weird that my pimples were only on one side of my face. I have very oily skin. My acne were not responding on injection or antibiotic so I'm placed in a 5 month accutane. So heres some pics. Hoping to have clear skin after tane....
  7. From the album: my tane progress

    bumps started to flattened but the red marks are still there. My face is so tight and dry. My lips is also dry but chapstick lip balm helps a lot