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  1. alright, but ive heard if you use too much it will irritate your skin?
  2. how often should i apply differin. my derm prescribed me it and should i put it on every night or what?? what does differin really do to my skin? id really appreciate any comments, thanks
  3. ive been on 100 mg twice a day for 4 weeks and no redness. my face is looking better too, good luck.
  4. ive been on 100 mg, for 4 weeks and i have noticed a huge difference. my skin isnt as oily and i havent broke out much at all while on this med. i think i will see a lot better results as i continue to take it P.S. - at all costs Do NOT miss any doses. i fell asleep once and forgot and the next morning i had a lot more breakouts so stay on it and good luck
  5. wow! thanks for the good info... i wont be drinking any more milk although i really like it and i will also be drinking more water; on my pill bottle it says to not take it within 2 hours of having iron and calcium so il see what happens. thanks again
  6. ive been on 100 mg twice a day too for about 4 weeks now and so far it has been preventing breakouts, ive been seeing an improvment...has yours got any better? if not i would ask your derm for somthing else that might work better? i missed a dose and when i woke up i had more breakouts than usual so i wouldnt go off it, id ask my doctor first. good luck
  7. i have been on mino for about 4 weeks. 100mg twice a day, i haven't really had any side ffects accept i mild ringing in my ears and a few more headaches. i also havent been breaking out while on the drug but last night i fell asleep and forgot to take it and in the morning i noticed a lot more breakouts, so at all costs dont forget to take it.
  8. i found that the toner from proactive works great to remove dead skin and some flaky parts.
  9. im on minocycline, i take 100 mg twice a day and i have seen my skin is not breaking out as much but i have read it takes like 2-3 months for it to clear your skin. ive been taking it since august 4th and my face hasnt been as oily, the only significan change is that and i really havent broken out as much...so good luck with your meds.
  10. i was just wondering if there was a certain vitamin that i may be lacking and if there was a vitamin that could help my acne. my grandpa told me today that it could be my diet and a certain vitamin i am lacking that is why my acne is bad? any comments would be greatly appreciated.
  11. well ive been on it for about 3-4 weeks and so far it has helped a lot although my acne is not completely gone yet i am satisfied and hope to see better results as me treatment prolongs. My skin is not oily at all and most of my face is dry which i think is good. i do not break out nearly as much not even at all i dont think and my face seems to be getting better. im on 100 mg twice a day and i use a 10% benzoyl peroxide which really helps. i think thats odd that you take one pill every two day
  12. i no how you feel, i work in a grocery store too and i have had kids say "daddy, look at that boys face","mommy whats on that mans face". it sucks, i just feel really pissed off and try to egnore them or walk away, on top of all that i am constantly thinking of what people think about when they look at me ,it just makes me feel really upset.
  13. auto

    minocycline log

    ive been on mino for 3 weeks and it hasnt gotten worse for me in fact it has already gotten a little better. i hope i will see a greater change soon but i guess your right you have to be patient. im on 100 mg twice a day.