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  1. If you're sure this is what's breaking you out, stop using it. Despite the generally positive response to ACV, it doesn't work wonders for everyone. I broke out from it too but I'm putting that down to not diluting it enough; I'll try it again at a later date. Try using Manuka oil instead, I've had good results from it - it really helps calm your skin and just works great for zapping those nasty red, raw zits that hurt and take forever to go away.
  2. I also have to jump on the Manuka bandwagon, after using it for about 2 weeks. It's literally the only thing that has helped my acne breakouts and HORRIBLE red marks without ruining or irritating my skin on the way. Of course 2 weeks is nothing as far as SERIOUS red marks go and mine are all still very much there BUT the 'angry' redness of them is definitely starting to diminish. The breakouts I get shrink and flake off when I next wash my face. A deep, painful cyst that was coming up on my chin
  3. The easiest way is to get an empty bottle of toner or something of that size and make up a batch of it. I dilute mine about 50/50 but if you feel that might be too strong - ie - if it stings your skin, add more water. How you apply is up to you really, the easiest way would be to get a cotton ball/pad and gently wipe over your face - I leave mine on overnight and wash off in the morning. No, I don't refrigerate mine - since my vinegar doesn't require refrigeration, I figured the made-up toner
  4. I really think you should put the BP and microdermabrasion (how often do you do this?) on hold for a couple of weeks and switch instead to a gentle, mild cleanser with a pH of no more than 7. Then treat with salicylic acid which will open up your pores and clean out all the crap from them - about 2% SA is a good choice. Medication-wise - looks like you're loading your system with a whole lotta stuff so it will be hard to decide which is helping and which is hurting your skin. But these two c
  5. I really think you should put the BP and microdermabrasion (how often do you do this?) on hold for a couple of weeks and switch instead to a gentle, mild cleanser with a pH of no more than 7. Then treat with salicylic acid which will open up your pores and clean out all the crap from them - about 2% SA is a good choice. Medication-wise - looks like you're loading your system with a whole lotta stuff so it will be hard to decide which is helping and which is hurting your skin. But these two c
  6. I also found it strange how the 'Vilantae' - or however it's spelt, appears to be by the same guy who formulated this line - both use the exact same ingredient. I did email them a few days back but have yet to receive a reply. I've also been on B5 before, Clear5 it was called -and it did wonders for my oiliness but nothing much for the breakouts. So I probably wouldn't have gone for B5 again anyway. Although I don't understand how it can have diminished the oil so well but not been able to stop
  7. I do it just once every night. Or should I say DID - because for now, I'm putting this on hold as I'm trying out Manuka Oil. I also think I need to dilute mine a bit more as it keeps causing me to get whiteheads. Other than that, I like the way my face looks right after applying ACV -sort of fresher and cleaner, less clogged I suppose.
  8. That sounds okay. ACV reeks so you're definitely better of using it in the PM :P Good luck :) As for my progress, I'm pretty positive that this is causing me to break out in many whiteheads on my chin. I've also noticed a few bumps on my cheeks but not sure whether that was ACV or my regular breakouts. It's sometimes really hard to tell what aggravates your skin when your skin is always breaking out anyway. However, since my chin really doesn't break out so much but it is going crazy nowadays,
  9. Your acne sounds A LOT like mine. The fact that your skin doesn't really respond to diet/lifestyle changes and of course that no products have ever worked (although that bit's common to most people on here). I eat healthy simply because it fills me with more energy whereas eating crap makes me feel like crap too. Other than that, my skin doesn't seem to give a shit what I put into my body. I can be stressed as crap or carefree and virtually stress-free yet my acne is more or less constant. No
  10. Princess87


    Spirulina?? Really?? Er.....I've been taking that stuff for a while now and also noticed way more breakouts on my chin, especially that kind....!! But I don't get it - that stuff is supposed to be SUPER good for you?!!! ARGHHHHHHHH why does NOTHING I use EVER work for me?!!!! FMLLLLLLLLLLL.
  11. That is INCREDIBLE improvement! Congrats!! Your acne is a LOT like mine too, the red inflamed lesions - exactly like mine. What exactly did you do to get this clear?!!
  12. Princess87


    WOW that is some improvement! Your skin looks COMPLETELY GORGEOUS! Congrats!
  13. It's varies a lot from person to person. I apply mine once every other night, after I've cleansed my face. That's all I do - no moisturiser on top, just leave the ACV to work on the skin without adding other ingredients from other products on top. Your regimen looks pretty loaded - I don't think it's a good idea using Retin-A and ACV together - maybe use one at AM and the other at PM? Or alternate them? That way your routine would be facewash --> red light --> [retin-a or ACV] -->
  14. So OP, how are you getting on?? Any changes/improvements/anything? I've been considering Pantothen for a while now but been on B5 before and while it dramatically reduced my oil production, it did next to nothing about my breakouts. The brand I used back then was Clear5 but I doubt it makes such a difference..? I've also been checking out the Vitacure B5 supplements, they seem to have rave reviews....still...want to know from other people who've actually tried it before splashing out yet more m
  15. I've been doing this for nearly a week now. I'm using ACV diluted with 50% water and a few teaspoons of green tea. Nothing yet because it's obviously way too soon. Will give it a month to see any initial results and keep posted.
  16. Because I think most people get better results from diet habits and/or boosting progesterone via cream or chasteberry vitex than from flushing estrogen via DIM. That seems to only help temporarily if at all. But yes, while I don't recommend DIM, I do recommend people read the very good information in this thread. This DIM thing sounded perfect so why have you chosen to NOT recommend it?? I'm confused. I hope this thread hasn't died out...it was one of the most helpful here.
  17. That's encouraging to know. I've attached pictures of my marks below. EDIT: I changed the pics I'd included earlier as I came across a better set from one of my very old posts on here: Left cheek Right cheek Forehead You think ACV will do anything for these?
  18. With all due respect, half the people on here complaining of 'horrible red marks', especially the OP - have mickey mouse level blemishes to begin with so don't even warrant much serious attention. Is there anybody with ACTUAL, SERIOUS red marks who has gotten any positive benefit from this method??
  19. I don't know why he refuses to explicitly list the ingredients in his products - before I purchased them and found out for myself - I did email him to ask and he gave a somewhat vague and useless reply along the lines of 'different ingredients are used depending on the condition blah blah'. Anyway, I went ahead and purchased the moderate/severe kit. This basically contains BP and Sulfur as the main active ingredients. I haven't used the products in quite some time so can't remember which thing
  20. Please don't let our experiences get you down - I know everyone says it all the time but each person really is very different and responds in very different ways. My response, I would say, was mediocre, bordering on good but the drying got too much to tolerate so I stopped. The products do work in reducing your acne but (in my case) not without intolerate side effects (my skin was actually peeling after a few weeks). There was a girl on here who made a really popular thread about Mandelic Acid
  21. This thread has gone stale now but hope someone can still respond to my queries. I purchased one of these ebooks a couple of years back though I can't remember now which one it was - I just remember it being so strict and demanding that I stopped reading after a few pages. I also asked the author a question that occured to me AFTER (drat ) purchasing the ebook - I asked why many people do all the things which he classed as 'big no no's' and still have completely fine skin - to which he gave som
  22. Hey, Was just wondering if anyone here has tried the Coral Actives Acne system? I came across it a while back and it looks quite good but then so does everything else out there. So if anyone has tried it/knows someone who has - please share your experience. For those who've never heard of it - here's the website: http://www.ermislabs.com/store/
  23. Princess87

    Reduces inflammation Reduces oiliness Didnt clear my acne The other two reviews looks suspiciously similar and fishy to me. Anyways - I've been on using the lerosett programme for about a month and a half now and barely seen any improvement at all. In fact I'm currently going through the worst breakout of my life. The much famed mask does help to calm the inflammation and pain associated with massive cystic acne but it doesn't really do a lot to reduce my breakouts. Overall I
  24. I've used their products with zero results. Did absolutely nothing for my acne - like NOTHING. So I would steer WELL clear!