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  1. Im on Minocin now this is my the second month and my face is clear. My derm gave me Minocin to take with Benzaclin Gel and now that 2 months is past he gave me Retisol-A yesterday to clean the left over dark marks.
  2. I used accutane a few years ago when i was 17 or 18, i was still going to high school but i didnt care becasue my doctor promised me that my face would clear fast and i would have a lot of chicks following me, and it happend soon, i started clearing up the same week i started and 2 months later all my acne and acne marks were gone and i started baging all the nice bitches in school with ease. you'll be good man., when i used it my acne never got worse before it got better, i just got real dry an
  3. ya my skin looks best when i wake up and after i shower after sex.
  4. Im using Murad Age Spot & Pigment Lightening Gel, have not been using it that long yet so i dont know how well it works.
  5. been on Minocin 100mg pills once per day for 12 days now, my acne is clearing up slowly but i think it's because of the Benzaclin gel.
  6. On Aug 3rd , My Derm gave me Benzaclin and Minocin 100mg Antibiotic pill I put the Benzaclin on my face everytime i shower or wash my face and after it drys i put on Cetaphil SPF15 moisturizer and i take the Minocin 100mg pill once per day. On the pack of Benzaclin it says for me to use only once a day but i have it on my face all day and night, the first 3-4 days my face was extremely dry and ruff but it came back to normal real fast and my acne is 85% gone. I'm not sure if i have seen and resu
  7. i would like to know also, i am using benzaclin and minocin 100mg capsule antibotic been using it for a week now
  8. I goto a good Dermatologist: Lynde Centre For Dermatology Dr.Lynde 3 Ovida Blvd, Markham Ont. L3P 7N8 905 471-5022
  9. When i started Accutane a couple years ago, I wasnt told drinking and smoking would do anything to me while taking the drug, So I was smoking weed pretty heavly, around 2-5 blunts per day and drinking a lot of beer on weekends and at school sometimes. it didnt do anything. my skin cleared up perfectly in a month and i stopped taking acutane after 2 months. I had a few side effects thou, I STILL get dry chapped lips, and i have stopped accutane more than a year and a half ago. not as bad dry
  10. I used Accutane 3 years ago when i was 17, I took one 40mg pill per day for 2-3 months until i was clean and then took one every week or so for a couple months. i broke out again in april 2004 and saw my Doctor , he gave me Vitamin A cream .025% that didnt do shit but make my acne worse. So i went to see a Derm in August and he gave me Minocin 100mg one per day and Benzaclin Gel. i been using the Benzaclin for about 5 days and the left side of my face had gotten very clear and my whole face was
  11. I got a bottle of Murad Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Gel and I was wondering if anyone has tried this with good results , I have some discolored spots from previous acne. --
  12. thanks i use clean & clear acne control cleanser that had BP in it, and i have used PanOxyl in the past. anyone know where i could find info on minocin?
  13. Hi, I have mild acne from a recent break out and I had used accutane long time ago and stopped using it when i was clear. I have been using Vitamin A acid Cream .025% for about 7 weeks now and it hasn't done much at all. I went to see a dermatologist today and he gave me Minocin 100mg pills once per day and BenzaClin. I also have scarring on my cheeks and forehead that look like dark spots. I have a bottle of Murad age spot and pigment gel that I have not used yet. Has anyone tried any of t