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  1. Thanks for the input, although I must say that most of the information is pretty general and have been hashed a rehashed in many of the other posts. I was hoping for some specific information. I met with an Aesthetian last Saturday who was pretty vague as well. She stated that a Chemical Peel combined with Microdermabrasion would yield results, even though when I asked for specifics, she couldn't give me anything definite (even empirical). Well, once again, thanks for all the input and hope fo
  2. Hi. I am Asian American and had moderately severe acne all throughout my teenage years. Fortunately, I am now pretty much acne free except for the occational pimple here and there. Unfortunately, I have pockmarked skin. I'm not sure what to call it, perhaps icepick scarring. Instead of scars, they just look like oversized pores. The best way to describe it is looking like the outside of an orange peel. While I understand that many people suffer from worse scarring than this, I was hoping to get