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  1. Tommorow im going to my consultation for a photoderm pulse light treatment. anyone ever had it done? What kind of results did you see after the first treatment and how noticeable were ur scars? Im Black, my skin is a light brown caramel type so the doctor said she's gonna have to examine my skin first b4 she goes with the full treatment. I think tommorow she'll be doing a test patch.
  2. if anyone knows any doctors that perform Intense Pulse Lighting treatment in New York City please drop their info and contacts. Thanks alot
  3. are you talking about pitted scars or hyperpigmentation? cause i have some hyperpigmented spots on my face and I have been using glycolic peels for a while and they seem to be fading away slowly but surely.
  4. dag i dont even remember. but i know i ordered it off the internet. it cost like $60 for like 5 oz of 30% and toner. Im assuming that most of the peels would be the same.
  5. The other day I was putting together my knowledge of hyperpigmentation and I thought why not mix two products and see how they work. My skin was real dull and had deep spots of hyperpigmentation on my cheeks. I usually do a 30% glycolic peel every once in a while. But I put about 2 tea spoons of glycolic acid into St Ives Medicated Apricot Scrub (2% salicylic acid/12 oz) and mixed it very good. For 2 days I used the scrub twice a day and applied Retin A micro at night and sunscreen in the mor
  6. so I should stop using any topical creams for a while???
  7. im having this same problem but it seem like this is only on my cheeks and its real shiny but not oily. anybody know if retin a can cause this?
  8. yea it seem like that with me. Cheek scars last longer than nose, chin n forehead scars. I think its cause the cheek skin is thicker. Any of yall ever had like shiny patches of skin on your cheeks. Its not oily but the top layer of skin just seem shiny and makes it look darker than the rest of the skin.
  9. I have been using retin A for a few months now and have been doing glycolic peels 30% for over a year. I havent used a glycolic peel in about a month now and it seems like the area that I usually use the peel(cheeks) is real shiny, not oily but the skin just seems shiny and darker than the rest of my face. Should I use a peel or just try to wait this out?
  10. i got the same question...but when should we apply the hydroquinone??? which product should be the base or go on first? hydroquinone & bp cant be used together?
  11. I noticed that bp causes my skin to scar. Sure it dries out the bump but at the same time it also causes a scar to form. It seems like when I bp on the bump it'll get larger overnight.