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  1. Hey I just looked at ur pic up close and u seem to have the same amount of acne that I do and I am currently on the regimen and I have only been on it for a few days now and I already have improvement in my face,,,,I would say about 8 zits have faded completely also if u want the derm route ask for differen I used that and it works great aswell
  2. it's ok its just good u got ur point across
  3. You should ask for solodyn.....it works great! I'm not on it at the moment (thts why my acne came back) beacuse I'm switching to a different derm. (one thts not and hour awaylol) ii worked for me and i have moderate to severe acne
  4. yeh I know i shouldn't wear it but I hate others knowing what my skin really looks like...
  5. I agree it is a little long to read but I def. agree w/everything you said. I mean I don't think I could wish acne on even my worst enemy...this is one of the worst things I have ever had to deal with and I wish that no one else had to deal with it either but at the same time it's nice to have someone to sympathize with
  6. is the regimen cleanser affective enough to remove my makeup such as,blush,concealer,foundation,etc......??????
  7. oh np my mom is a health expert thts how I knw but it's always good to get dif. opinions
  8. i think you should do atleast 30 min of cardio for ur mon,tues.wed routine.....you need atleast that much to be affective
  9. My mom just bought me fishoil and it's one thts on the costco site.... Kirkland Signatureâ„¢ Enteric Coated Fish Oil Concentrate it's great it's the gentlest(sometimes fishoil can be rough on ur stomach but this isn't),and It has worked the best for me....I would take like 3 or 4 a day but if you can handle it it's fine to take more but I have been getting great results with just 3 a day
  10. Well yes bp is bp so I would suggest "the regimen" I'm on it and no irritation so far I have only been on it a few days and it has already helped clear up like 5 of my smaller zits and the moisturizer tht comes with it isn't too oily at all actually it has kind of a matte finish to it and it is suppost to help absorb oil while it hydrates and I think it does what it says Also a good toner would be one by ponds ( I think its kind of gellish) I have used it b4 and its good and also I think you co
  11. Ok well I have the regimen and everything..........well anywho I wear makeup almost on a daily basis and I have ponds makeup removing wipes.....well I was just wondering if I should use those or my regimen cleanser to remove my concealer,foundation,blush??? I know that the ponds wipes are hypoallergenic and stuff but I do a lot of tugging on my skin when using those and I heard that I shouldn't be tugging ar be rough with my skin when I'm on the regimen...PLEASE HELP
  12. I am a total health freak.....u should never eat chips for breakfast! cereal,toast,yogurt,fruit,etc are all acceptable things for breakfast. For lunch hotpockets are fine I eat those a lot they have no trans fat or anything and not tht many calories. and homemade stuff for dinner is always good it's def better for you than fast food.
  13. well I personally have only been on the regimen for a couple of days but you are not the only one who has experienced worsening of their acne in the 3rd or 4th month...apparently it takes about 5 or so months for u to have completely clear skin....now some people may clear up earlier or later but everyone I know who's on the regimen and has problems in the 3rd month they r usually the pple wh take 5 or 5 months to get clear sorry to tell ya tht but if u want faster results then the derm mit b a
  14. Hey I think I can help you ok first of all very smart move on the not using the wave anymore....once something gives u a rash always stop instantly ok i would use hydrocortisone for the rash part and some neosporin on the super irritated dry spots i would do it every night for a few nights then everyother night for another several days u shouldn't use any acne products such as bp and also there's something called aveeno redness relief it comes in a night cream and a day moisturizer w/spf i use
  15. well it is but you could just have my problem lol freakishly sensitive skin but i would just cut down the dosage or take it every other day