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  1. i hear ya, my skin always look better in the morning. I still get new acne but it should start to kick in around week 6? Thats when i started to notice differences, not miracles, differences.
  2. I'm only doing what my derm told me to. Parhaps my acne was more severe than yours. And i was pretty hopeful when I started the medication but became somewhat skeptical after a few weeks. It specifically stops new acne from forming but does nothing for scarring and I guess I was expecting a miraculous change. But I go back to the derm feb28 so I'm nearing my final week and just now am I noticing satisfactory results. I still have scarring though I'm almost certain it's fading. My acne has seemi
  3. thanks for your feedback. my mistake its DOXYCYCLINE but i'm sure you figured it out. I have noticed a difference, maybe an improvement. My skin is smoother definitely not so aggravated anymore. I might get a few small zits every now and then but now I'm mainly dealing with scars. I see the derm in a few days so I'll keep updating this log
  4. Hey I started a Deoxcycline (2/day)regimen back on Dec 29, 2008. I'm on an eight week trial until like Feb 28 and my derm will make a final decision after seeing my results. I've also been prescribed to Adapalene and Clindamycin supplemental topicals. Because I'm constantly paranoid/critical of my face, I have seem some but no drastic changes. On the contrary, my family has been saying they can see a noticable change. I'm not sure if they're being generous or not though haha. Anyway, has anyone
  5. dude all compassion and pity aside, you have described my most every day. my entire family is clear faced. All my friends are spotless. i must stand out like no other. I just recently visited a derm for the first time and the treatment that I've been given MAY OR MAY NOT work within 8 weeks. I can barely get through a school day, let alone 8 more weeks. I feel terrible cuz I almost get excited when I see someone else at school with acne and as evil as it sounds, I feel better when theirs is wors
  6. yeah i have been getting minor stomach aches which is what my derm told me to expect. But she told me I should take it on an empty stomach so I'm not sure im allowed to eat with it. But the plan was that after 8 weeks, if the results do not show, I would hit accutane. but thanks for the heads up! i'll keep you guys posted
  7. thanks guys so i saw the derm today! we decided I would take prescribed oral antibiotics for 8 weeks an if nothing happens, I move to Accutane. I'm taking 2 pills (100 mg) of Doxycycline daily and applying supplements both in the AM and PM. Has anyone had any luck with antiobiotics? Anything I should expect/watch out for? Any reply is appreciated.
  8. so this is weird, since break started, i have not cared about my acne to say the least. Like i eat whatever I want, I stay out late and party and sometimes run on only a few hours of sleep. And guess what? I've had maybe 4 noticeable whiteheads in the past 10 days. WTF??? So then, negligence is the cure? haha any thoughts?
  9. Ok so I'm not on it yet but i see the derm on dec29 after 2 years of severe cystic acne and a ridiculous amount of wasted money, and many trial and error products. so I'm definitely at my wit's end and accutane seems like the right fit for me. a few questions though as a new user. Obviously, I'm aware of the no drinking rule I'm wondering though: -If i were to "get it out of my system" in the weeks leading up to accutane, could leftover alcohol or weed(don't judge) in my body react negatively w
  10. hey there i cant say anything that will make you feel 100% better because i know exactly where you stand which is what I've been feeling for th emajority of the last two years. Its amazing how acne ends up plaguing your entire life. From the minute i wake up to the time i fall asleep, my skin is all I think about. My diet, my daily routines, my social life all revolve around acne. It doesn't help that nobody else I know has it as bad as I do. I feel terrible because I get excited when I see some
  11. Ok so its FINALS WEEK, yaaaaay. and of course, i put off all this quarter's work until the week of. So realistically I'm looking at at least one all nighter. I know sleep is really important for your skin (even though mass amounts of sleep has hardly improved my skin) so do you think one or two nights without much of it will wreck my face? is there anything I can do while I'm up through the night to at least, minimize any breakouts that might occur? Right now i'm just drinking cup after cup of
  12. ironically, i had the exact same experience this afternoon. Granted, I was in the shower but thats never happened to me before. I had like really short, kinda muffled breaths. I'm not on accutane (yet) but I'm guessing that it might be something aside from tane.
  13. so this is like nothing I've ever dealt with before. i had a whitehead and I took a shower and the stream of water like washed off the head and I was glad to see it go away, but the next day it began to clot just like a normal scab. and all today i had to walk around with this raised scab on my face! its not huge but its like right on my cheek and its noticeable. i couldn't take it anymore so i picked it off and it just began to bleed again. so, i treated it like any normal cut and put a bandaid
  14. as for the soap, I heard you shouldn't wash with soap because it clogs pores or something? Is this sulfur soap any different?