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  1. I started Finacea , applying it every other day at night. After four months my cysts were gone and after 8 months my skin looks great. In the 9 month mark, I was still getting random whiteheads and small pimples. So I decided to apply Finacea everyday at night. I broke out like crazy, cysts, whiteheads, blackheads, everything at the begining for the first 2 months. I have been using Finacea everyday for three months now, at the end of last month i had no breakouts for two weeks. Last wee
  2. Glad to hear your skin is clearing up. My derm suugested solodyn and I am thinking about...I read the reviews and they actually scared me lol. Keep us posted on your progress and good luck.
  3. I am average skinny guy, 5'8 122lb pounds. I want to know if girls truly care if guys have muscles or are tone. Because I really don't want to go to the gym because my number cause for my acne is sweat, I get cysts. I live in Los Angeles so appearance is everything for a girl. I lost my last girlfriend because of acne, "I am not attracted to you anymore, your not cute to me" that was her words, sad huh. When a girl meets you, do they also care about how your body looks like? Maybe its
  4. In the morning and night I would put my serum right after i pat my face dry then put my moisturizer on. My question is should I wait 5min / 10min or even 15min for the serum to fully absorb before applying my moisturizer ?. I cant find anything online of how long a serum should be left on before applying your second product.
  5. As for your question for the redness, I had the same redness post Accutane. From reading and hearing, almost everyone would get some degree of redness or blush while on Accuatne. My experience was it did went away but IT TOOK TIME. Took 12 month for my cheeks to get back to normal. I noticed the sun and exercise would make me flush really bad, the redness would last a couple of days after wards. I just stopped all exercise and would only go out at night until my skin was stronger. Keep i
  6. I have whiteheads below my nose in the mustache area. I only get whiteheads, from really tiny to huge ones. The only thing that have clear me 100% is retina-a micro but i stopped because the peeling was making my skin raw. I used many products with BHA, BP and mama lotion but they cause me to break out more. Im planning to use paula choice AHA 8%. Anyone have success with AHA for their whiteheads or any type of acne ?
  7. This will be my final effort before taking Accutane again. For ten years i have been battling acne and four years of Rosacea. Only one product have cleared my skin, Accutane. Took it in 2001 and stayed cleared for four years. Since 2005 i have used Retin-a micro, Neobenz, Clindamycin, Blue Light treatment, Metrogel to name some few. I really don't want to take Accutane again because of the post Accutane effects i experienced. During my course of Accutane i had dry skin and lips, that was i
  8. I did see an improvement from the the acne marks, the redness went away much faster. Right now im applying it every three times at night, Im expecting to see my marks to fade even faster now. Im trying this new routine to see if i can get rid of the random cysts or white heads i get every 3 weeks or so.
  9. When i got Finacea i started with one application at night. Within one week my skin was rough, dry and red therefore i begin applying it every four days. I have been using finacea for six months and it has cleared all my acne except the random cysts. The true reason im not applying it more often is im afraid the excessive dryness will break me out. I think reading about how dryness can cause acne has gone to my head. To answer your question willow, i use a size of a grape.
  10. I apply Finacea every four days at night because it dries face but doesnt irrated it. I can't apply it every day or every other day because my dry skin gets extremely dry even with cetaphil. Im planning to use Finacea every three days instead of four because i get 2-3 huge cysts every month. All of my other acne (whiteheads, blackheads, those small pimples) are completely gone. Do you guys think that one day difference can affect my acne, is it worth trying and waiting 3 month to see if i