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  1. i went on penicilllin for a week and a bit a few months ago, and by the end of it i had clear skin! the bad thing was, once i was off the treatment my spots came back. does anybody know if doctors prescribe penicillin for acne? i don't think they will since bacteria can become resistant to it so easily. still though, it worked the best for me
  2. hi, i was in a shop the other day and i found a product by bebe, made my johnson and johnson that had blue exfoliation beeds and salicyclic acid in it. is this the clean and clear blackhead remover that is recommended in botchla's regimen? can i get the 10% wash in germany? thanks!
  3. i remember watching an episode of 'sister sister' in the 90's, and it was about how one of the twins got a spot on their nose (or forehead, or chin, i forget) before a date with a guy. SHOCK HORROR! for them, all hell broke loose and they were incredibly distressed, all over ONE spot! it's so silly! there are people out there with way more spots and they write a whole episode about how one spot on your face can reek havoc on your life. *sigh*
  4. hi there, i used aloe vera gel straight from the plant on my spots for a while, and it didn't do anything to them, good or bad. i'm not sure if it moisturised them, but my skin wasn't dry when i was using it. i wasn't using dan's regimen at the time though. hope that helps!