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  1. No new updates, still acne free. But skin is way more sensitive, like accutane users during their course have reported, I get cuts really easily and when i scratch even in the lightest way it still leaves a mark. It sucks (as I have little tiny red marks on my face from where something was accidentally rubbed against) but I'm glad I have no active pimples. Also my face flushes tonnes but I kinda like the way it looks...
  2. Thanks, cheeseblu. Good luck with your course! I hope you have fantastic results as well
  3. About a month after Since Accutane I've had one pimple but I put some salicylic acid spot treatment on it and it was gone by the next day. I am very very very very pleased at the results. All of my side effects: Nightmares - gone Ankle pain - gone Severe back pain - gone Nose dryness - been using nasal spray and it is gone Nosebleeds - don't know if that was related or not Dry lips Flaky scalp Flushing Dry face Current cleansing routine: C&C morning burst (used during accutane) in mornin
  4. Start Date - July 26 Picture Taken - November 26
  5. MONTH 4 DAY 1 No pimples! Still have red/pink scars. I'm thrilled! I know I said I'd put pics last time but this time I will, promise. Haven't been consistent with Bio Oil, so there hasn't been much change with the scars. Going to start using AHA moisturizer again unless it really irritates my skin. Switching birth controls next week to a "lower dose" one. I got glasses the other week and they look great. Glasses paired with acne free skin = huge amount of confidence! However, my LIPS oh my go
  6. Day 63 My face is pretty good right now - no active pimples. Doctor prescribed a fourth month if I want to take it. And then he said 3 months after my course, if I feel my face isn't great, I can go on another course. Pictures soon
  7. slightly better pictures. I'm not entirely sure how I got such clear pictures the first time..
  8. A good sunscreen is Neutrogena Ultrasheer Dry Touch or Neutrogena Ultrasheer Face Suncreen. They have a lot of high spf levels to choose from and they go on non greasy. You will need an extra actual moisturizer underneath though. Put polysporin/neosporin or some other healing ointment onto your popped pimple to lessen the potential scarring!
  9. It's the liquid or whatever inside of my accutane (clarus) pills and the little red thing is the squished pill.
  10. 2nd(ish) week, 4th(ish) week, 7th(ish) week the quality of the last pics is pretty bad but you can definitely still see the huge difference
  11. I don't think that you should expect to get any, since that's just not the way your body is. Like even if someone gets them on a semi-regular basis then yes, they should expect it. But for somebody who hasn't experienced nosebleeds regularly, I wouldn't count on it. They're disgusting anyway
  12. Day 43 Face looks great right now. Broke out from pms that was 2 pimples near my mouth/chin and they disappeared in about 3 days. Left side of face is one pimple and one spot that looks like a broken pimple but it smooth so i dont know. I had one pimple on my neck and one i healed it I tested out bio oil to see how it faded a fresh red mark. it almost completely disappeared in 3/4 days and I didn't break out from it so I'm going to chance the breakout and start mixing in bio oil with moisturize
  13. New side effect: Nosebleeds. I have always gotten really bad nosebleeds during fall, winter and spring. Usually they last 15-30 minutes. These new (and im almost certain Accutane-induced) nosebleeds only last around 5-10 minutes but are still a pain. So far I've had one every day for four nights. This morning I put some vaseline up my nose and I hope that will help because I don't want to deal with this during school.
  14. Mmmm... Take a look at what we put into our bodies. The actual substance was so thick, i poked three holes beside each other and it barely came out without really hard squeezing. It "exploded" like a really huge, tough (and satisfying to pop ) pimple. It was disgusting ... and great The left is just where i wiped off my fingers. The two on the right were the explosions