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  1. Chipmunk & tv_viewer do you take only 1*20mg or 2*20mg together. i called my Derm today and asked the same question. He says its best to take 1 after breakfast and 1 after dinner. No need to take every 12 hours but its better to have at least 8 hours in between. my skin is quite oily, but i am not sure if the oily skin is actually good or bad thing; the oil my skin produces is actually very healty in hot places. When i go on holiday i see people with dry skin suffering from heat and sun b
  2. For example today i took 1 at 1pm and the other one at 10pm. Is that ok? or do i have to take every 12 hours?
  3. I am 34yo male. I have severe acne on my chest shoulders and back. And scars left from previous acne. Somehow i dont have any acne or scar on my face. After a long fight i give up and decided to listen my Derm and start taking Accutane. I took the first pill yesterday. My Derm prescribed me 20mg Roaccutane twice a day. (40mg/day total) with meal. My question is. Should i take it every 12 hours or after breakfast (10am) and dinner (7pm)
  4. How can drinking alcohol be more important then your acne? just wait till next new years eve and drink twice more its too late anyway, hope u didnt drink
  5. Do you do the same after using them, until the next rolling. How do you clean them after using? And also, can i keep the roller Dr. Chu used on me and use it again after sterilising?
  6. I phoned SkinMed and asked about Terproline Professional. They say i can not buy it, i have to ask Dr. Chu to order it for me. Asked about the difference between the regular one and the professional one. Professional Terproline is 3 times stronger.
  7. I m happy that it worked well for you. But i don't think it's right to recomment it to everyone without even knowing how it helped you. What ingredient inside toothpaste worked for your acne. What kind of toothpaste works for acne. They are all different flavor and has different ingredients for different purposes. Some has minty flavor and for plag another one is whitening the teeth which might be really bad for acne that you don't know. I understand the reason how vinegar helps skin, it has
  8. Sea Salt and Apple Cider Vinegar work as an exfoliator. And helps reduce the bacterias on the skin. H&S has zinc in it which is thought to be the reason why it's good for bacne. But what makes Tooth Paste good for body acne? Can you explain that please.
  9. I want to ask the same thing. My skin is oily and i take shower every night. I first clean with a cream soap, then H&S (citrus one for oily skin), then i wash my body chest and back with a clearasil wash which has salycilic acid. Every night i use these 3 things in that order. I dont hold them for some time, rinse it straight away. H&S has zinc in it which is thought to be the reason why it's good for bacne. So it makes sense to leave it for a while. If i just use H&S i defi
  10. I have been searching for a good body wash which has salycilic Acid or Glycolic Acid. Almost all washes are made for face and its max. 150ml. I have acne on my chest shoulders and upper back. I have been using; First: Head&Shoulders citrus fresh (for oily skin) shampoo Then: clerasil ultra deep pore treatment face wash on my body. I am very happy with those two products But i want a proper body wash instead of clerasil as it's a small bottle (150ml) and expensive (£5,45). From reading
  11. I phoned 3 of them so far.. OMG! You can't believe the prices they gave me :wall: lamarr; if you can successfully dermaroll yourself then you can dermaroll us too. And i bet you'd do a better job then those clinics. You should open a clinic and get rich in a year :think:
  12. After searching a cure for scars for many years, My expectations are never very high :) But as you said the nurses that i asked mentioned really good results. One said he couldn't recognise a patient after 1,5 year dermarolling treatment, who had a severe acne and scars all over his face and body. I have scars on my chest, shoulders and back, none on my face. Dr. Chu told me i still have active acne so he won't be able to do it until i get rid off acne first. He rolled the parts with no acne o
  13. I have exactly the same problem. I have moderate acne on my upper back, chest and shoulders. Once in a month i get a couple on my face but my face acne is never as big as my body acne. I have been using Clearasil Ultra Deep Pore Treatment Wash on my body. It has SA. It works but it's just 150 ml bottle finishes in couple of weeks. This is actually the first product i ve been trying, there must be better products that i don't know. One thing i don't understand is.. Dan uses AHA on his regimen
  14. Hi buddy. I had my dermaroller while you were sending this messege :) i just got home. Yes it was painfull but not unbearable. Didn't take long anyway. My question is.. Dr. Chu didn't appl any terproline or any other cream to help collagen production? I asked him if i need to apply any cream and he said no. He told me not to use anything until the next session, which is after 3 months. I'd like to believe that but i don't think having dermaroller done every 3 months will be enough to fade sc