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  1. 21, never had a "girlfriend." Was kind of dating (What's more casual than that, maybe "seeing" someone?) for a few weeks, but then she spent the night at my place and it was so awkward and miserable that she didn't wanna talk to me again. Sort of feel like this shit has passed me by
  2. I don't think it makes you look green once it's actually worked in, at least it doesn't for me. Either way it's a definite improvement, though. And I don't think it makes me look shiny/greasy, and I have oily skin generally. 20 pounds seems expensive, I paid about 12usd and I felt it was fair. At this point I'm willing to pay a lot for improvements in skin care, but it's all relative.
  3. I just bought both the daily relief and the night time cream. I'm not sure how much the latter is doing, but it rubs in well and moisturizes. The daily relief cream IS green but once it's worked in, it provides a big difference and should help you more over time.
  4. Q: What do you do when you don't want to leave the house because your acne is so bad? A: I do the following: -sleep all day -skip classes and try to do the readings on my own -sometimes go out anyway and just look pissed off all the time. or if not pissed, just what i call "business mode" which leaves no time for banter or distraction in my errands. -listen to depressing music (been getting into alt-country lately) but my favorite is to just drink until I stop caring
  5. I don't usually live by quotations, but this one by Teddy Roosevelt always stuck with me. The man is a badass.
  6. - Dating. 21 years old, never had a real girlfriend. Don't have the confidence to chat up women, so they'll have to make the first move and I can count the number of times on one hand that it's happened. Not a virgin technically, but I may as well be. - Being happy for extended periods of time. Acne shouldn't be the be all and end all of existence, but every time I look in the mirror it's like a kick in the balls. And I don't even have it as badly as I could! Although, for the most part there
  7. I think you girls should be looking at the situation from another angle: The fact that you're consistently in relationships is a pretty awesome thing, something that I'm envious of. Maybe you feel like you're hoodwinking them, but you're not...they can probably tell that your skin isn't perfect and would have bailed ages ago if it had truly bothered them.
  8. I'm about 12 months after taking my last pill of accutane. My skin is sort of back to normal, in that it is oily again but there aren't that many spots. I sometimes get them but they're always very small and go away quickly, and are usually brought on by irritation from shaving. I do think I have rosacea though, as my skin is still quite red all of the time. Depresses the shit out of me
  9. Pretty awful, to be honest. I started Accutane 2.5 weeks ago, and I think I'm hitting the initial breakout. The areas surrounding my nose are really dry and flaking, and I'm getting more blackheads. It's really discouraging, as I really need to get a job soon, but as it stands, I don't really want to go out in public. Especially in places with fluorescent lighting. My skin is both oily and dry (combination?) so it's quite red and shiny. Definitely the worst. I know Accutane will do more in t
  10. Yeah, no shit. The OP already mentioned physical beauty as his single criterion. I don't have to mention that again, as nearly everyone in a relationship comes for the looks, and stays for the personality.
  11. What is this, 4chan? Get outta here with those memes! From my perspective, years of self loathing and insecurity about my skin has lowered my standards significantly. Plus, isn't it about personality anyway? That Lamborghini couldn't hold a wonderful conversation with you.
  12. As another college student, I know how shitty it is to have acne. Unlike high school, it seems like the majority of kids have grown out of it, and it's hard to fully enjoy the experience if you're hung up over appearance all the time. But luckily, you're getting better! Let's hope 2010 is a better year for all of us, skin wise...
  13. It sounds like either a temporary, or more likely, mild case. Not to say that it's not something you can just try and power through; it'd be a good idea to get a doctor's/councilor's opinion and maybe get a referral to a therapist. It may just be a rough patch, but your livelihood and happiness aren't things to put on the back-burner. Or, actually, tell your family and talk to them about what you're feeling. I tried to keep everything to myself, and thought my depression was a weak part of my
  14. You do not want to die. Trust me. I just spent the last two days thinking about the same thing. Tried to kill myself. Luckily, it didn't work, and all that happened was I spent a day throwing up. It was a harsh lesson, but man, I am happy I am not dead. Whatever you do, do not do the same thing I tried to do. That being said, it sounds like your dermatologist is trying to help..but he doesn't know how it feels. Tell him that it is terribly severe because it is already getting to you, and that
  15. why is emo attacked so much? every genre has it's good artists and it's bad. it's lazy humor, really. but anyway, i listen to mostly bleak/angry music. just what i like. occasionally i'll throw something happy in there but i'm not terribly happy so it's sorta out of place.