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  1. i am going to buy an aloe evra plant this week, i was just wondering if it is effective for acne and how to use it. thanks:)
  2. my doctor told me today that acne medications cause premature wrinkles and usually they severly damage your skin espectally the layers underneath. eventhough acne also hurts your skin and decreaces its health, helath-wise would it be better just not to use any special medication or face wash and just to use natural stuff like aloe and tea tree oil?
  3. [quote name='Shadow Yoshi' date='Nov 6 2009, 11:42 PM' post='2744546' Whenever I'm clear, I always just break out again at some point. yea me too, it always happens.
  4. ok so i have had really really bad blackheads since i was 8 or 9 years old!! my medications do not help it and i need to know how to get rid of them! i do not want to "pop" or "remove" them because it just makes my skin really red and it maked them spread. is there anything else i can do for my black heads? i must have atleast 100 of them, no joke.
  5. everytime i use any type of prescription acne medicine, it seems to not be nearly as effective about a year after getting it then i have to go and get a prescription for a stronger, more epensive medication do i get used to it? what can i do to stop this? can u accually get used to it? is my acne getting worse? so far i have used: benzamycin tetracycline dalacin-t clyndoxyl which have all worn off over time.
  6. i really like Clear Complection by Revlon (or you can use the one by almay which is just as good) it comes as a thick liquid and a sponge and just sponge it on and dab it on your indevidual pimples. then to make it last, get the clear complection powder makeup and put it ontop. oooh and its a good price:) hope it helps:)
  7. whenever my skin fineally gets nice and reletivly clear (not including blackheads, which i have many of!) I am in constant fear of breakingout again or getting even the littlest pimple. i will check my skin like every hour and feel around to see if there is any senitive areas. is anyone else like this!?? I am worried that when in peobably a few years, it will be fully clear i will always be in this fear for the rest of my life. can anyone else relate?
  8. i hate natrual light too, and i hate when the light refelects off of the snow in the winter and it gets really bright! i never look people in the eyes because im self concious. i am only outgoing and myself when my skin is clear its hard to go for sleepovers because i have sooo amuch medicine and routines that i do with my skin there is much much more!!! aaaah
  9. the person said that they where feeling bad and didnt have the opritunity to go to the derm, so i thought it woul dhelp if i suggested some things to do that where easy and cheap. u dont have to be do damn rude.
  10. heeey:) honestly your acne really doesn't look that bad. and also, you should go to your normal general doctor instead of going to the derm because im pretty sure its cheeper. and if you want a really good moisturizer, use spectro hydra care because its really good and it wont cause acne. but if you are on a really tight budget then just buy Dove moisture soap bar, its really well priced and it works well for dry skin. I use acne medications from my doctor, but i also use other less expensive
  11. aah I am very jelous! we are already getting snow up here in Ontario:( A good sunscreen will help, but apply it often. also, if you wear makeup then wear a foundation with spf in it (most have it now) and most moisturizers have spf in them too. you can wear a hat too if your really worried. have fun:)