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  1. Cameron: You already answered some of my questions before, but I would like to know what else you could say about Differin. I've been on it for 8 weeks... some areas of my face cleared up pretty well... the forehead remains horrible, strewn with whiteheads and clogged pores. In addition, I got a huge cyst on my forehead - something that had never happened before. Shoudl I wait longer? Is there hope? Does Differin help with marks and those very slight indentations? Maybe you know somebody else's
  2. So I've been on the Regimen for almost two weeks and I've been seeing some results, although I had been using BP rather extensively before. The problem is that yesterday I noticed what looks like a pit scar on my forehead where I neither picked anything (don't remember in any case) nor was there any recent pimple. Does BP's effect on the skin increase the likelihood of scarring? Did anybody have a similar experience? Is this thing really a scar or will it dry out and go away? If it is a scar, h
  3. Also, do you think it won't hurt to use this while being on the Regimen?
  4. Thanks a lot! Could you post the link to the product or maybe give a more detailed description? I have trouble finding it on drugstore.com. Thank you.
  5. I am a new user. Will the Regimen help get rid of the bumps under the skin that sort of linger there, at times seemingly indefinitely? They do not always erupt or become blackhead, but still look ugly. If not the Regimen, what might help? Thanks a lot.