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  1. bah i understand ur point but the thing is that im a really good looking guy and since elementary school tru high school pretty much everybody has said that im cute and this and that. u get kinda brainwashed with all that stuff. u see urself a lil higher than everybody and then when acne suddenly comes u can relate to the bottom of the pyramid a lot more (even though i didnt "make fun" of the bottom of the pyramid like u said i did). though id reply even though im not really seeking any sympath
  2. ok so it was my first year with acne and its pretty much gone... i have to say im grateful for it... otherwise, for the rest of my life, i would have judged people by the way they look. it really changed my whole vision of life. i mean im a really good looking guy and i probably could have dated the hottests girls of my school and lived the good life all year going out every week instead of once or twice a month like i did. It really changed me in a good way. I probably would not be such a good
  3. ya well if ur frustrated about a red mark its usually because its big and purple. this means that it was a really inflamed pimple that lasted like 3 days at its peak. i too prefer having the pimple because the thing lasts about 10 days and then it SHOULD be gone... guess not...
  4. anything wrong with not using a towel to wipe of the water u just used to rinse your face and just letting it dry of by itself? i just like the feel of it a lil better and i my skin as been doing good. (btw i use dove soap to wash)
  5. dude mino is the worst thing possible for red marks... it killed my skin
  6. they smell very very good but it didnt help me sry
  7. what the? spectro to remove makeup?!? thats impossible... its milder then cetaphil. soap will do the trick (dove is good)
  8. if bp does get rid of 99% of ur active acne then don't even bother about red marks. otherwise u start adding new dangerous products or even leaving bp and then u get other pimples and the cycle begins again. trust me if acne has just started for u and looks like it could be a problem for u in the long run, continue to use bp if its working.
  9. dude minocycline is just a pain in the ass with red marks... when i was on it not only did not work but my red marks were darker and they were all over...
  10. ya i use a q-tip to put a very very small amount of sunscreen on all my purple marks... but i dun go to the salon just outside for about 20 minutes (usually before 11:00 and after 13:00 to avoid the tuff sun)
  11. yo i usually tan for like 20 mins max and i put some sunscreen only on my red marks (the purpulish ones). but the thing that ive noticed is that when i do that, the spots where i put the sunscreen are shiny. but isnt that suppose to attract the sun on my marks? is it because im putting too much sunscreen or maybe im using a bad one (im using ombrelle or sumthing)? or maybe it just attracts and the sunscreen doesnt let it burn the skin? anybody knows about this stuff?