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  1. Thanks, i showed her and she said maybe she will order it when we come back from holiday... I really want this before i go back to school, i hope it will work
  2. Thats the exact same with me... i love those couple of days when your skin is looking good then next day it goes back to the beginning *another depressing week*
  3. A teenage boy said the exact same thing to me about a year ago when I was just walking down the street minding my own business, his little gang that was with him burst out laughing of course. Worst thing was I was actually feeling pretty confident that day and had convinced myself my skin looked better than normal. Well he soon shattered that false hope. Ye that happens to me all the time in school.. Thinking my skin is looking better than ever Then somebody always says something or i look i
  4. Hi I'm new to this site and really intrigued by what people have said. I want to start on Dans new regime but i just dont know what to say to my mum shes heard it all before 'oh this one might work can i try it' I'm just afraid she will say no I dont know what to say to her... I also want to start the salt water thing but she will probably think its stupid or something. My spots are really getting me down at the moment, im not talking to my girlfriend as much and i am embarrassed to go out.
  5. Good Charlotte... blink 182.... anything rly usually depressing music lol "Don’t cry, Open up your eyes and know, There’s someone else out there that feels this way I’m singing to you Cause I know what you’ve been through and now It’s not so long ago I felt the same Like soldiers March on If we can make it through the night will see the sun March on, march on Through the good times, Through the bad times Through the long days Through the hard nights Keep on till we see the sun Ev
  6. I know... Evertime my m8s invite me out or i need to go sumwere important or meeting a girl anything like that and my acne comes arrrrr =/