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  1. I take aloe vera in a juice which has cranberry in it which tastes ok. I think it has helped with my acne but its a long term thing (takes about three months) it seemed to give me initial breakouts for some time which have appeared to subside now and im clearing up nicely. (Breakouts probably to do with the cleansing releasing toxins into the blood.) I also had a shave using aloe vera gel last night and my skin feels nice n smooth right now. Give drinking a little bit before meals a go for a few
  2. Concealer is a good thing just make sure not to go overboard. It doesn't make you gay and if any bloke tries to tell you otherwise: prove that your a man and lay him the fuck out. I don't like the idea of giving people a false impression of what you look like though.
  3. OK: Shaving can aggravate acne and the products that you put on your skin during shaving can potentially cause it. You could try using an electric razor- this will cut down on skin aggravation and number of products you put on your skin. You could try products such as Edge active care shave gel (see product reviews) which are non comedomic and give a smoother shave. You could scrap the aftershave which probably has perfume and shit in it that will most likely CAUSE spots and not help prevent the
  4. Hmm... im 17 and have mild acne (hormonal) but diet definitely effects it. However, i will most likely grow out of acne and be able to eat what i like- its beginning to happen slowly i believe. It pretty hard to conclude anything like hormonal acne is not effected by diet from this though because people's reactions differ.
  5. Yh, so you not actually saying its a bad thing that he changed his mind? Sometimes its a bit hard to judge the implied tone of what people are saying as afterall its just text, so forgive me for assuming that you were bashing the guy for a fluctuation of opinion.
  6. Bloodcries- as long as you don't tell everyone this is DEFINITELY right to begin with its ok to change your mind. I think its called having an open and enquiring mind.
  7. This is a genuinely good dicussion. Personally i think CJB has a point. I think diet really does effect acne and yes some people don't have acne. So obviously diet's not going to effect them is it? Antony- some great posts, theories and study. However, obviously data collected in a real world problem is always going to be flawed- it cannot be concluded that diet does not effect acne from this because everyone due to genes will react differently to the enviroment. Therefore its quite possible tha
  8. Isn't sambuca really sugary? Its extremely sticky! I go out on the binge EVERY weekend... when its beer and it usually is my skin gets worse for a few days then im almost clear by the next weekend!
  9. Well... digging an old topic up again. Id like to know if any of you have had any success with your home-made systems, any feed-back will be appreciated. Thanks. Also, to laukelekele- how did you get your bulbs shipped to Sweden and how much did it cost? The order form looks to be just American.
  10. Gotta agree with Killing Time here. Sugary foods do not cause acne, this is why we see all those irratating people with totally clear skin munching on chocolate bars and sweets and blindly come to the conclusion that there is no link between acne and diet. However, the life cycle of acne is about 3 months so when its lurking about- maybe unnoticable- and you have a big sugar-fest this can aggravate the acne. So basically your face will thank you for not eating so much sugar- along with the rest
  11. Thanks, just purchased a bottle of the pills today. Let ya know how i get on. Could you tell me: do you do anything else along with these? Like bp or eating healthily- avoiding alcohol, dairy etc. or is this it? thnks
  12. Lol the old joined 28th posted 28th kinda gives it away. Well the whole thing is quite obviously a money-making scheme. The thing is the guy has now told you what to do basically. To be honest with you how do you know that this doesn't really work? I mean obviously they dont really know what they're talking about and the reasoning is a whole load of crap but the guy could have stumbled across a chance solution and decided to try and milk as much money from it as possible. So by all means don'
  13. least acne produced least weight gained? Its gotta be vodka. Obviously i love beer but its pretty sugary?
  14. egh i hate this flaking business. Its like a balance between acne and dryness, what to chose? clear flaking skin or smooth spotty skin? Same question applies with shaving: shave and eliminate some acne but show the rest off or cover up by growing it and experience heavy beardline acne, and im only 16! With flakiness i generally reduce the amount of bp, however, i discovered last week that a body moisturizer works wonders. Well of course its not meant for the face but it works- i wonder if it cau