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  1. Thank you! Will google it! I'm totally agree about the consultation fee! Dr. Billick at the Jewish General in Montreal does TCA cross. He's a bit of a robot and won't give you much time, but he does it.
  2. Well, I'll tell you what happened after the fast and when i started eating again. No new acne when i started back on my raw vegan diet, and my overall skin is softer/ and more moist. My skin improved a lot after my fasts. I did a 5 day fast (2 days water, 3 days juice) A 2 day water fast, and a one day water fast followed by another 2 day water fast a day later. It detoxified my body much faster, now my skin is clear. All the rashes/eczema that appeared are gone. Water fasting regularly
  3. In a way, I think our skin problems make us extremely self centered and that in itself is a major problem. A life won't suddenly be more meaningful with perfect skin. Life would feel easier, but not more fulfilled. The things that can make us happy exist all the same with imperfect skin, it simply requires the confidence to go for it.
  4. They aren't a big deal, but I've thought about it a lot...and once I do get enough money, I would like to do something about them. But, I would like to know more about it...like what kind of big risks other than worsening of the scars, are there? Worsening of the scars is the big thing and a very real one. A lot of people on this forum are here as their situation worsened because they were too aggressive. Albeit, this is usually from peels/laser treatments. The nose is especially tricky becau
  5. I kinda see them, they look very small and likely no one pays any attention to them but you. My point is, mild scarring like that is probably something you should just accept because the treatments to treat these scars have risks. Risks that include worsening of the scars themselves. In this case, I really think that the risks far outweigh the reward. What you have appears to be no big deal IMO, something that most people with very nice skin also have but you just don't notice it/pay attentio
  6. Maybe he is quiet for a reason . Things maybe not going so well with his research. Jumping to conclusions! He's probably not on this board much because he has better things to do or has nothing new to say.
  7. So much of this is mental. I've seen your pictures and they are not that bad. Sure you have acne, sure you have some scars - but it's really not that bad. Once the redness is gone, you wont notice it nearly as much.
  8. Make sure you are absolutely certain that you wish to fix your scars. From the looks of it, they are mild and do not affect your appearance at all. This is my perspective and yours may be very different. I say this because all treatments carry a certain amount of risk, things could end up worse after. This is especially true when it comes to lasers, as no one really knows how you will react to a laser. I had subcision done awhile back, it helped some; the downtime was about 1 week due to bru
  9. While it is rare, some people may scratch their skin while dreaming.
  10. I think he's on vacation somewhere hot. (Must be wearing a lot of sunscreen though!)
  11. This isn't true though. Lets assume Dr.Khan does have a very good treatment; it still wont be accepted or adopted by other medical professionals until there is enough data to support it. This will only happen once he publishes and others doctors invest into the procedure and then they publish their results as well. For the time being, one can consider this procedure more experimental than anything.
  12. I doubt subcision would do anything - it's mostly for rolling scars and deep boxcars.
  13. I find this treatment that Dr.Khan is offering very frustrating. When people are speaking of improvement, what we are talking about exactly? Is it that the skin is less depressed or does the skin now look like normal non-scarred skin? I'd gladly spend 10k if it would remove my scars (icepicks, boxcars), but if it's just to improve volume than I don't see it being of any use to me.
  14. A good example to look at is Seal and Heidi Klum. Heidi Klum is drop dead gorgeous and Seal, well Seal has severe scarring but projects confidence and success.
  15. It has impacted my life for sure. It's hard sometimes. I think my biggest problem with acne scarring is that it robs you of your identity. You wake up in the morning and the person you see in the mirror isn't the person you imagine in your own mind. But in the end, this is your only guaranteed chance at life. This is it. Maybe we've been handed rotten cards, but you have to make the most of it. Take what you want and not look back.