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  1. Hello i am an asian male 20 years old and have been on accutane for 2 courses for a total of 11x30 pills at 40mg for a total of 11 months. I weigh 65kg. Its been 4 months since my last pill and my acnes worse than ever and since 1 month after the pill, the acne returned small and slowly and slowly got worse and worse. Now its at its worst and i get big red and painful pimples that last long and have long red marks. What can help me? I am going in to get a chemical peel or an organic pe
  2. Hello i've tried clyndoxal gel, differin, BP face wash, cucumbers, no dairy, active lifestyle, healthy eating, no soda, I've even was on 2 courses of accutane totalling 11 months and 40mg a day. Its been over a month since the 2nd course finished and my acne is coming back with a storm. It started on my forehead getting little dots but now its gotten a lot worse and its all over my face now! I am also inflicted with red marks from nodular acne on my face that is bright as hell and now i h
  3. Sorry its sideways but what is under my eye? In the left corner you can see some white dots under it. What are those? I think I've had that for maybe a year... I know that hasn't been there my whole life. Also for my skin under my eye what are those open holes or w.e? Are those just large pores or something?
  4. Hey so heres a brief history of my accutane I am 20 years old and weigh about 65kg Started in Jan 2011, took about 5 1/2 boxes at 40mg a day. Near the end of my course I stopped getting acne, but about a month after I stopped taking accutane, the acne returned. After a few months of getting pimples, I started another course in Oct 2011 around. Since then i've taken 5 1/2 boxes, im nearing the end of my last box. About a few weeks ago I stopped getting new pimples, but recently, abou
  5. My skin's oiliness is 'fine' not really a problem. In the past it was a problem, but not anymore.
  6. bump so this was me on my first course...now im on my second course in total i've taken about 170 mg per kilo that i weigh, i weigh about 65 kilos, and have taken about 9 boxes of accutane with 30 pills at 40mg each i am still getting break outs, bad ones to. starting to think ill never get rid of my acne.
  7. could someone explain why i got 2 in such a short time period after starting my 2nd course of accutane?
  8. Hey theres a sore in my mouth, i don't know if its a pimple, i think it is! i am on my 2nd course of accutane and i this is the 2nd pimple in my mouth i've experienced since starting accutane for a 2nd time. It's really weird cause i've rarely ever had this issue in my mouth before and now i've had 2 in about a 1-2 month period. its like a bump on the inside of my mouth on my cheek and it stays for a few days and really bothers my mouth usage.
  9. anyone develop dandruff because of accutane? i've never had dandruff before but since my first course i have had dandruff! will it go away after like a year of not being on it?
  10. i don't think its safe because i have been researching lasers to and i was told by my derm to wait a few months after accutane and the place that does the lasers wouldn't even do it for me until i was 6 months post accutane
  11. Hey so if you're on accutane that means your skin is sensitive and dries out easily so i think its best to avoid body soap when showering! also avoiding showering all together is good to! my skin has been developing these weird rashes and i talked to my derm and he said to avoid soap. so im wondering what are some soap alternatives that can clean my body while showering but not be as irritating as soap would be? i don't use bar soaps, i use like gelly soap that i lather on a wash clo
  12. are the hyaluronic supplements "better" than fish oil for alleviating the symptoms associated with accutane? And are there any precautions to take with hyaluronic stuff like with the things you explained with fish oil? i heard that fish oil is basically 'food' and not a 'pill or supplement' and therefore is fine to take as much as you want
  13. Sorry no idea, I took accutane then soon after like 1 week later i started noticing less care was required for my lips until it got to the point a few months later that it was basically as it was before. Having dry lips 1 year post accutane doesn't sound like something that is going to heal itself, maybe look for help? I have no idea what the issue is though but having perma dry lips would suck...
  14. I asked on reddit what supplements I should be taking because I am on accutane. 2 people replied, sounding like they knew what they were talking about, and recommended fish oil pills and taking 4-6 a day. I asked for what reason but they have not yet replied. Does anyone else take that many pills a day?