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  1. maybe the answer to my question should be obvious...So what about caffeine? I am going to TRY to just eat a ton of fruit (as soon as I can get to a store that sells organic) for two days and see if it does anything for me. However I love coffee and would probably lose it if I didn't drink it. I am by no means a health nut and can't see myself eating your diet on such a strict basis everyday for the rest of my life . but think your original post makes sense to me and I have not tried diet to fix
  2. I want to say first off that I am NOT a carley's employee, friend or anything else related to the company. I am a 33 yr old woman with a issue with cystic acne. I have tried everything possible outside of prescription drugs. proactive,acne free,sulfur,aspirin,scrubs,vitamins,vinegar,etc.....So anyhow I ordered the clear and smooth before reading all of the horrible things so many people had to say about the product on this site. That being said, I was prepared to be completely upset and send it
  3. Ok so I haven't been in here for a while I was using the bp regimen but eventually stopped due to irritation of my skin. So I got a huge cyst on my chin on friday which proceeded to grow all weekend til I attempted surgery on it....which of course made it worse!!! So I checked out the Ice with ibuprohen followed by neosporin regimine,which took down the swelling a bit but by morning was not as deflated as I would have hoped. So I purchased 100% tea tree oil and tried the whole thing all over ag
  4. Thanks zzzboy...i figured out I have to use a moisturizer at night after i wash. I am still a bit dry but I can't give up quite yet. I am still breaking out a bit but it's only been a little over a week. I haven't been leaving the washes on for more them about 15 seconds so far but hopefully I can work up to that.
  5. I'll try it. I skipped the bp wash this morning...thought I'd try it once a day for a while and see if my tolerance builds thanks. otherwise I might scratch my face off soon. but i guess I won't have to worry about acne if i don't have skin
  6. not in this high a concentration......my skin is so dry now...the itching is unbelievable. I am hoping it will get used to the combo and move on. Maybe I need more moisturizer. I don't use one at night so I'll start with that. I was using dan's regimen and it had the same affect.
  7. so I have been doing this for a week now and my skin is dry with teeny tiny bumps all over it? Is this a reaction to this...has anyone else experienced this? does it go away with time or should i stop using these products together? I use both washes morn/night. I broke down and scrubbed my face with a washcloth it itched so badly....
  8. it works...two days later the cyst was flat...I still have a stubborn red mark though..however i have read some horror stories about continued use of these products. So i wouldn't use it unless it's necessary.
  9. So I just started this bp & sa facewash regimen...I have done alot of research about the affects of using both in combination. I found several derm websites that offer sa wash/sa treatment/bp treatment as a pack to be used together. I have read that combinations of both can harm your skin but alot of derm sites have this combo as their acne regimen so I am going for it. It's day three i am a bit itchy, but no new zits. I also use a sa spot treatment on existing pimples and bp spot treatment
  10. Ok I bought it today and tried it. i will say that they are smaller then they were but not gone altogether. So I guess this is the new way to spot treat cystic acne for me...thanks
  11. I have the exact same problem...if you find anything out let me know. I have tried everything short of cortisone shots. and have never been able to fight cystic acne. I have been reading about the aspirin masks ppl use, haven't tried it yet but will be soon. I'll let you know how that goes....
  12. So if there is oxygen in water....wouldn't a pure water face spray work?? I have a friend who swears by water face sprays. would that work? i sleep with a fan on me at all times of the year and that hasn't helped so far. Interesting though. I also used to frequent a local oxygen bar for energy boosts..never notice my skin clearing up..
  13. i have found that maybelline cover stick in WHITE followed by a powder foundation. I use maybelline purestay..(love this stuff) works wonders. The white coverstick takes on the color of your powder foundation. I have pale skin this might not work for everyone but it works well for me. I have acne and get compliments on my skin all the time. If only they could see my scars and pimples but they don't. I bought and hate mineral makeup...maybe I am too oily but i like my makeup to stay put. I have