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  1. Hello everyone, I am just wondering, does anyone do this as part of their routine? If so, how do u do it? I am seriously considering this since I heard positive things about it, and few negative ones as well...thanks!
  2. Hey everyone, my friend has been taking this herb for about a week since she tried it at a Hindu coffee shop. She says that at first, she felt a lot of bowel movements, and after a few hours she released everything if you know what I mean. Everytime she drinks it, the same effect occurs...is it a natural laxative? any side-effects? I currently take a senna-based tea and does the same for me...in addition, I heard Triphala acts as acidophilus do...any comments, suggestions, help on this plz!
  3. Hello, I was reading this article on a Spanish newspaper about how important it is NOT to mix certain foods due to the digestion process each one undergoes. I am sure this has been talked about before, but I am curious to know what do you guys think/know about this? In a brief summary, veggies and fruits take 30-45 min, grains 3-4 hrs and proteins anywhere from 6 hrs and on...It also mentions basics such as never combining grains with protein, fruits alone, and veggies can go with anything.
  4. 6 AM -Papaya 8.30 AM -2 egg whites with beans 11 AM -One cup of cheerios with sparkling water 2 PM -Turkey rolls in seaweed -Brown rice with one cup of veggies (kelp, broccoli, peppers) 5 PM -Sardines with spinach wraps 7.30 PM -Small cup of oatmeal with water
  5. Hello, I have religiously taken water lemon for the last four months every morning. I was wondering yesterday, what is the difference between lime and lemon in general? I heard lemon is a greater source of vitamin C, but besides that not much...could I do lime water instead and have the same results? Thanks
  6. Hello, I have noticed that with sugars I tend to have occassional break outs. Is there a way that I can bring my sugar levels down? Let's say I eat something sugary, anything that will bring the levels back down or level out my body's sugar?
  7. I will def give vitamin B5 a try...what would be a low dose? I actually always had mild acne. I found that modifying my diet made the difference. I eat NO sugars whatsoever, including NO fruits, juices, candies all that.
  8. Hello, I have been clear for a while now, and will get a zit every week or so...the only thing that is annoying is that mainly in arms, legs and chest I will get these red spots, like a pimple without the elevation. They are quite small, but I wonder what they are. They are not pimples, not insect bites...any idea? I will get one every other day and they will disappear within a day or two. This is getting very annoying since I am trying to model and don't have a clue if it is diet related, v
  9. Hello everyone, I was skeptical about diet having any relation to acne, but throughout the last months I have experienced and done several modifications to my diet that indeed had an impact; major one. I have read about primrose oil and its wonderful benefits, the same for B vitamins...I know this has been posted several times on here, but anyone knows the proper intake of each? any side effects? I heard that there is an initial break out when introducing the use of B multivitamins...Any
  10. Hello everyone, L'oreal has launched in Spain this new mineral make-up, and I'm wondering about the ingredients. To me it looks like it has waaay too many, but it does not include mica (don't know if that is a good/bad thing). However, it also says MAY CONTAIN bismuth oxychloride...here in Europe is regarded as an evil ingredient, so I am wondering if it actually includes it, or what does exactly mean the "may contain" part of it. In addition, if anyone has tried it, please post your experie
  11. Hello all, thanks for all the comment, I truly appreciate them. About the lips, I know, I thought it was very ridiculous BUT I was just following photographer's orders LOL...I am naturally smooth, before the photo shoot, they shower you in this tinted thing that pretty much mattes your skin and gives that flawless touch that u see in every single magazine, photo out there. For now I am doing whatever comes LOL This was a photo shoot for a private client, then El Corte Ingles is thinking of
  12. Hey everyone, does lime have the same properties as lemon? I am currently drinking lemon water, and was wondering if I could use a lime in days when I run out...maybe even lime is a better choice? Thanks...
  13. Hello again, I got the sheets that I told you guys about that make-up artist promised me. I don't have a lot of time today since I have to run to my friend's bday party...Some tips off hand: -Get Almay's Pore Minimizer...makes wonders! Tip she gave me to help reduce pores is wash face without drying it, then apply this pore minimizer followed by a powder foundation for oily, or creamy for dry. -Throw astrigents/toners in the trash. According to her they only make your skin more oily and f
  14. I wouldn't worry about it...for some reason every single time I am anywhere in Europe, Africa or SouthEast Asia my skin is perfect...is when I travel to the States that it gets bad!...Pamplona is nice, but the real deal is here in Madrid LOL
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    My first photo shoot!!