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  1. Definitely keep going until AT LEAST all your red marks are gone. Why risk it? For most of us, this diet is long-term. I've come to accept that.
  2. Hello all! So it's been one full year since I've been on the Paleo Diet and started the topic on here. I wanted to give you all an update so I'll cut right to it, this diet SAVED MY LIFE. I am the clearest I've ever been in my life and I'm not using any creams, products or anti-biotics. In fact, once the products I use to wash my face run out I'm giong to just use water to wash my face. It's funny, I look into my bathroom cabinets and I see so many different types of creams and products that di
  3. i used coconut flour, eggs, vanilla, and coconut milk. If they're not supposed to be fluffy then i guess they were good lol cause i was thinking they were going to look like regular pancakes. i know some people use dessicated coconut. maybe i'll try both together cause it seems like dessicated by itself wouldn't work well.
  4. so i made coconut pancakes last week using coconut flour. it didn't go too well. i can't seem to get them very thick like a regular pancake. anyone have any suggestions??
  5. wow it's dead in here! the paleo diet must be workin for everyone
  6. so i'm aware that our bodies become resistant to anti-biotics but my question is do we become resistant to all forms of anti-biotics or just ones taken orally? is it possible for an anti-biotic in cream or gel form to eventually stop working?
  7. Currently I'm using Acne.org's AHA and it hasn't gotten rid of my non-inflamed acne. anyone have any other suggestions??
  8. okay so i'll give a quick background. i've struggled with acne since highschool, i'm 24. last january i had the worst breakout i've ever had in my life which ultimately led me to the paleo diet (thank the lord). i've been on it for two months and have my inflammatory acne under control. i barely breakout (knock on wood) and my old marks are starting to fade. HOWEVER, for some reason, i can't get rid of my non-inflammatory acne. i've never really had any until i broke out big time in january. doe
  9. hey sluggskt! glad to see you join us. i really think you'll enjoy this diet. it's going to be tough but your skin will benefit greatly! don't give up too early if you don't see results and try to be as strict as you possibly can in the beginning. i suggest taking fish oil and zinc in the beginning to really give yourself a boost. i think you'll see a really big improvement right away if you do so. just recently i've decided to get off the regimen and just put normal amounts of bp on. and even
  10. it's as close to a cure as we will ever get, that's for sure. as far as fruit is concerned, yes it contains sugar and if you over do fruit you will probably not see the same results as someone who eats it moderately. but as long as you eat it moderately you should be perfectly fine. by moderate i mean like 2-3 pieces of fruit a day and preferably after a meal.
  11. So because it didn't work for you it's a scientific fact that sugar does not cause acne?? you can say anything you want but if it's just your opinion or personal experience then you should say that instead of saying it like it has been proven. i personally believe that the bieggest thing you can do is eliminate sugar. i think eliminating grains will help you get "over the top" if you can't seem to eliminate it totally. but sugar is the big thing, in my opinion anyway. (see how easy that was)
  12. i don't understand how you can say a statement like that. i don't mean to pick a figh but i'm really getting tired of people saying there opinions as if they are fact. think about what you just said. eliminating sugar doesn't do anything to help acne. do you realize how ignorant that sounds?from now on, if you're going to state your opinion, CLEARLY state that it's your opinion. otherwise don't say it.
  13. i'll just go ahead and answer my own question and say no, it's not lol. i have another question though, do you guys think the paleo diet is so effective because it elinimates sugar or because it eliminates grain? i know both is probably the answer, but if you had to choose which one is the key, which would you choose?
  14. i've been eating it with the skin on and i like it. it fills me up more which is nice. i hate to change the subject but quick question, is acne an autoimmune disease?
  15. how does everyone prepare their chicken? does it matter if i don't off the skin? i know alot of people take off the skin because it's fatty but according to some paleo people fat doesn't really matter. is that the fat they're talking about?