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  1. How are you using the GOW product? instructions are a bit odd to me, probably cause I'm a guy... and what is the other product you use for neeling/dermarolling? I emailed them regarding the vit C content of the serum and they said it isn't high enough to be considered a vit C serum so I guess I'm going to have to find a different product to use for dermarolling...
  2. I would like to get some opinions on using this product after dermarolling: http://www.gardenofw...656/7046216.htm GoW Chock Full O' Vitamins Serum It has Vitamin A C and E in it. The vitamin C is the Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate kind which is supposed to be gentle to the skin, but it the vitamin A (retinal) I'm not too sure about. Is it too harsh for the skin after dermarolling? I'm reading mixed opinions about retinal, some say it helps a lot while dermarolling, some say to stay away fr
  3. I read a few posts saying not to use it with a dermaroller. It's supposed to sit on the outside layer of your face and if you use a dermaroller the retin-A gets in too deep or whatever other reason. Then there are some people who say its safe and it is also advertised on a dermaroller site that says you'll get better results with retin-A is you use it with their dermaroller. So what's up with this? Is it okay to use retin-A with a dermaroller or not?
  4. Anyone ever taken the oral form of retin-a? My doc gave me a referral to see a dermatologist to possibly get this. Are there any horror stories of this or is it more successful than the retin-a gel?
  5. I started putting on more of it and starting flaking again, but not as much as before. The next highest I think is .04 you know what I just realized though... 1% does sound pretty crazy now. .025 and .04 is less than 0.1 and we are talking about a whole 1%. but his retinol 1 by skinceuticals has 1% and I'm pretty sure OTC. I wanna get rid of my red marks and scars ASAP or atleast find out sooner whether retin-a is working or not so I can move on...
  6. Should I move up to a higher prescription? I'm currently on a 0.025%. I see some retinols OTC with 1% in them. Did my skin get used to this and needs more?
  7. So... this bothers me a little. It seems retin a is meant for long term + all over the face use. Does anyone actually know anybody who has gotten skin tumors from using retin a?
  8. I am about 2 weeks in and it's causing me to breakout more than usual and my face is peeling all over!! I am in my mid 20s now and hadn't had acne like this for a while. It pretty much died out until I until get a few really small ones occasionally, but now I have 3 red lumps on the right side of my face! =[ I'm wondering if retin A is meant for people with old scars like me. I still have scars and redness from about 3+ years ago. (I stopped getting bad acne around that time, but pretty sure so
  9. I heard retin A is good for red marks and possibly scars. Is retin A a prescription only thing? Or can I also get this OTC?
  10. dang...this thread moves slow o.o almost 2 years and 8 pages. anywho, I was thinking about trying some tea too! and am wondering if this does anything for people's read marks. My acne problem is very miminal now, just alot of red marks I can't get rid of =[ and scars =[
  11. yes!! It definitely has caffeine in it. I drank 2 cups last night and couldn't sleep til 5. I also just found out what the tea my family keeps drinking is, and its oolong tea!! Which I been reading is better than green tea =/ The only thing oolong tea has done for me is stain my teeth a little bit before... I'm gonna give green tea and rooibos tea a try then. Rooibos isn't really tea btw, it's a herb. but no body here probably cares D:
  12. Can people post here if tea has benefited them with their acne or red marks before and what kind of tea and possibly brand they drank? I'm just starting to look into this tea thing and came across 4 possible choices =/ The more I read though, the more confused I'll get am sure, as there's such much contradicting info D: Green tea seems to be the most popular, but then I oolong could possibly be a better choice and then there's white tea and rooibos and I DUNNO WHAT TO DO! =[
  13. I'm currently reading/skimming through this whole thread. I'm on page 38 o.o I have a question though, sorry if its been asked before, but is there a 100% acidity ACV? I just got my bottle of ACV in the mail and it says "full strength 5% acidity". I order this cuz it raw/organize w/ mother, I kinda assumed it would also be 100% if theres such a thing. Does 5% mean that it's already been distilled? or should I still do 1:3 when I use it? I'm planning on starting tonight... edit: well...i just g