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  1. Sorry this posting is not about acne but I thought I'd seek advice from all the helpful members of this forum. I have had angular cheilitis (painful cracks at the corners of my mouth) for almost three months. During this time, I've seen four different dermatologists and tried every solution imaginable including topical and oral antibiotics, antifingals, and topical cortisteroids and also Eleidel and Protopic. It won't go away and it's very painful whenever I speak or eat. My dermatologist does
  2. Haven't heard of it and it hasn't come up in any of the forums or revies I'm involved with. If you have a keloid, raised, or hypotrophic scar, you might want to check out www.keloid-scars.com which is a fairly active forum for people dealing with their scar problems. I personally just placed my order for Bio SKin Repair (http://www.bioskinrepair.com/) and am eager to test if the results are as good as the independent reviews I'm reading. I'll try to post again once I've been using it for a few w
  3. Hi, have you ever considered taking probiotics to counter all the good bacteria killing that your past antibiotics have done? I have used plenty of oral and topical antibiotics for my acne with periodic success. I have used accutane when I was in college in it worked really well for a couple of years following my treatment. But then I continued to get acne for the next ten years here and there. I started using probiotic supplements about a month ago and it has helped quite a bit with my skin,
  4. Try adding to your regimen a sebum controlling wash and maybe even a day gel that you can leave on (presuming you're only using the Retin A at night). I have tried Eucerin products and they're good. I'm sure there are some other good one out there. As an aside, I used to use Retin A and Differin for many years. It's true, I think Differin may be more drying which could work well for you. Might be worth a try.
  5. I have been using Contratubex for awhile on my keloid scar. It softens your keloid and might make them a tiny bit smaller but it's not super effective and it takes a really long time. I just out in my order for the rather expensive Bio Skin Repair cream at http://www.bioskinrepair.com/ which gets good reviews and I'm anxious to give it a try. I also suggest you visit the website /www.keloid-scars.com which is a good keloid scar forum. Thanks.
  6. Be careful not to remain on antibiotics for too long a period. I have overused antibiotics in the past and this has lead to increasing resistance which is bad when things come along such as astaph infections when you really need antiobiotics to work. Don't worry, I doubt you're in the danger zone because minocycline is a fairly basic broad spectrum antibiotic. No matter what else you do, I would definately add probiotic supplements to your regimen, especially if you have been on oral antibiotic
  7. I have suffered from acne for years and colon hydrotherapy along with a probiotic supplement regiment has had very positive effects for me. You'll need to go through at least half a dozen colonic sessions to get your system cleansed the first time and then it becomes easier after that. It's a little intimidating and uncomfortable the first time, but after you see what comes out of your system, you'll be hooked for life. That has been my experience. The toxins that build up in your system from p
  8. I just started using Sephora hydrating balanceing cream which is for face skin that needs moisturizing but also sebum control. That achieves the matted look you're going for. I seems pretty good and it's in the upper-middle price range of less than $20 for a 50 ml tube.
  9. I used Retin A for years and it definately dried out my skin in addition to the necessary peeling. I suggest you try any high quality sebum reducing wash gel and also a leave in day gel. I have tried Eucerin in the past and its reasonably priced and effective. I'm sure there any many other brands that you can check out as well.
  10. I just started a new regimen with probiotic pills and acidophilus probiotic face cream. Seems to be helping but it takes a little time. Taking probiotic supplements are supposed to be fantastic for you anyways so you have little to lose by trying it for a month to see the results.
  11. Try any high quality sebum control gel. I've seen a bunch of them around recently including Eucerin which has a really basic gel that doesn't add any moisture at all. There's the wash gel and the leave on gel I think. It make your face look "matted" and takes out most of the shine. I tried it and it worked for me but frankly was not moisturing enough so I moved on to Sephora brand sebum controlling moisturizer. I just started this so no results to report yet.
  12. I'm starting on acidophilus probiotic face cream today which has received some rave reviews but won't have more to report for a week or more. Probiotic supplements are also supposed to help but again, this is new territory for me. Lots of online information out there on probiotics and their supposed positive effect on acne. I'll post again with comments on the results!
  13. I thought I'd post here that NADH supplements (5 to 10 mg) per day seem to be helping substantially with me eczema and acne. I originally started taking it to help with my fatigue but this has been a welcome side effect. I have been doing some online research and haven't been able to find any information that explains this because NADH supplements are not generally known treatments for eczema and acne. Also I'm starting on acidophilus probiotic face cream today and will post again to report pro
  14. I have keloid scars and am trying to get an appointment to see Dr Jeffery R. Fischman on the upper east side at Constructive Surgery at www.constructivesurgery.com. He has become quite well known for his unique use of Triamcinolone and Flourouracil injections into the keloid scar. Decent feedback from forums and message boards, especially www.keloid-scars.com. The Triamcinolone is a common cortisteroid but the Flourouracil isn't commonly used for this purpose. It may be 6 months before I see him