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  1. After clearing up a lot, around Nov./Dec. I had a horrible cystic acne breakout (actually, I am still breaking out with a few here and there.) Over the past month I have been noticing small indents from those early winter breakouts. Is there any way these small indents can heal over time? Also, I had a horrible cyst that stayed a month and now that it has healed a red, slightly sunken in place is in its spot. Most of my small indents are still red too. Does this mean the skin can still heal its
  2. I hope you can find a treatment that works, cause I have much deeper scars all over my face. However, I have to tell you, I've tried lasers and peels and came out worse than I started. What kind of improvement are you looking for? At this point I would be happy as ever with like 5 percent. My advice to you is: research, research, research. Also, get advice from different people. Once you find a treatment you are confident with, go for it. Good luck. Hopefully someone on here and give you some i
  3. Girl, what you got is mild! Like they said, once the redness fades I doubt you will have anything noticable. Just eat good, sleep good, and maybe use something specifically for the redness. Btw, love your hair!
  4. To me your skin looks good. Sure, it's not picture perfect...but perfection is rather boring. If I had your skin I would probably be a different person, I would feel confident enough to date and flirt and do all that social stuff that everyone else talks about! However, I'm not gonna sit here and type a bunch of lines about how you're lucky and in comparison my skin is horrible.... All I'm gonna tell you is this: If you decide to do anything to your skin, don't choose any harsh treatments or an
  5. Thanks so much. I wouldn't call myself pretty, maybe a little attractive. The thing is though, my cystic acne has came back and I have a face full of disfiguring scars from past breakouts. Plus, since I am getting older my healing isn't like it used to be and if I don't find a treatment soon I don't feel like I can improve my condition. I hate complaining. It just makes me feel so bad that he said that. It doesn't hurt unless its someone you really like. Ughh and I saw him today unfortunately. A
  6. I just started talking to this guy again that I went on a couple of dates with a long time ago. He was always so nice to me in the past, but yesterday I found out that he said something to another friend of mine that was really hurtful. See, I have very big boobs for my weight. I wear an DDD/E cup and I'm only 115 pounds, so they are pretty noticable. I'm used to remarks about them, but his remark came out of nowhere. I would have never expected it. What he said was "I only started talking to h
  7. I have your same problem. Unfortunately I have no suggestions because nothing I've tried has ever worked. I feel like I've bought every foundation, filler, primer, and concealer ever made but none of them have improved the look of my severe scarring. Maybe there is something somewhere that I've overlooked. I hope someone else can reply to this and give you advice because I need it too.
  8. Has anyone ever used that strivectin stuff on scars? i know it helps wrinkles, so I thought maybe it would also help with scarring. What you think guys?
  9. I know Mac has good coverage, but does it help cover deep indented acne scarring? Well, I know I'll never be able to completely cover it, but I do hope to cover it somewhat. Do you guys think Mac make up is a good choice for me?
  10. Everyday I'm leaning more and more towards repair, although I'm not sure if it is the right decision for me. In the past, I have had chemical peels, and more recently, fraxel restore. It has been over six months since my last fraxel and I have no good results to speak of. Actually, I've had more scarring and texture problems. Add that to no improvement in the scarring I began with, and it is pretty disappointing. However, I still have faith that I will lessen this scarring that holds me back fr
  11. This product didn't help with my scarring, but I believe that is because of the severity of them. I probably have worse scarring than anyone on here, so if anyone is considering trying this, don't let my lack of improvement stop you. Others seems to be pleased with it.
  12. I posted this on the scar message board, but haven't got any replies yet. Maybe it is more of a topic for this one... I have terribly noticable indented scarring all over my face (cheeks, forehead, chin....everyhere) The scars are also very red. I know that being tan helps lessen the appearance of skin problems so do you believe that a face self tanner would help even me out and distract from my scarring? Thanks in advance.
  13. Hello naken! I have very similar scarring, except mine is far more severe. Have you found any good cosmetics that have worked well for you?

  14. Hey guys. I am currently using my last pen of the acnefree pockmark kit, and though the product has softened the feel of my skin I have seen 0% improvement in the appearance of my severe scarring (which I hoped for, but honestly didn't expect.....I mean it is a 15 dollar drugstore topical!) So, anyway, I plan to keep using it because at least it feels smoother. It's not a total loss of money. My question is, have any of you used a face self tanner to try to distract from the sight of your scars
  15. Well, it was me who said that, but I don't feel like arguing on a message board. The fact is, her scarring is barely noticable. I don't know if you take a magnifying glass out and inspect everyone you meet on the street, but I don't, and that is the only way I would notice her scarring! lol. It's very minor to me. However, I agree with you, she has the right to improve it if she wants too. It's just that I've had so many bad experiences with treatments and since she doesn't have much of a skin p