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    Will get rid of acne!
  2. Mostly people having intense acne on their face have it on their back as well.I have it myself and i really understand what you feel.However i do go to the beach with a swimsuit just hoping it will sunburn and gone at least for a while it helps..I just hope it'll last with time..Good luck as well!
  3. Congradulations!I wish your luck for myselfs as well
  4. Same here! Some people seeing me with a make-up doesnt even notice me having such pimples and scars..The only bad thing is that i know the truth
  5. Cover stick + matte powder (im using maxfactor miracle touch) + dry powder(loreal minerals) This is the only way that hides my pimples and scars :/ Hope it helps
  6. For me it last about 2-3 days im using some abszess salbe lotion which fastens the growth of the pimple or "puts it back" + some drying powder from zinc and etc. The only bad thign is red spots which are left after all the pimples i have..
  7. If she's your gf I am sure she will not panic seeing your break out!she likes you,that's why she's with you and i'm sure she'll understand
  8. It seems very friendly and caring!Also I love how self-confident he feels while talking in front of the cam
  9. I am using maybelline matte mousse myself and its really good for me!The only problem is that if ur skin is flaky i dont think it will help, i suppose it will even make the situation worse..OR you could try mixing it with day cream as i am doing..Plus loreal minerals powder.Sorry for my bad english, but i hope u understand