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  1. I'm on accutane (2nd time arrrround), and I'm on my 2nd month. I'm still getting acne on my forehead. Does anyone have some helpful info that helped them clear up their forehead acne? Thanks!
  2. Hi, so im almost done with my accutane course, and afterwards my legs and arms are a bit discolored from dryness that i itched (my legs were pretty dry to start out with and accutane obviously made it worse) i did use lotion constantly, but nonetheless it happened. so is there anyway i can even my skin tone on my arms and legs? thank you
  3. Hi, Okay well here is the history. I had pretty good skin in high school then...BAM... im 19, and acne everywhere, so i went on tane (i had been on other things before). Anyway, I started September 2008, I had a hugeee IB by the way, only for a week or so though, then everything was getting better, but not 100%. I'am now on my 5th month and yes, my skin is wayyy better, minus the red marks, barf. But the thing is, all of my redmarks are on my cheeks, where i NEVER got acne before, ever. So that
  4. Sooo...i just found this on here: Q: What can I do to hasten the fading of PIH? With all topical and laser treatments for PIH there is a some risk of causing new outbreaks, new pigmentation problems and possibly even new scarring. Risk of these occurences will probably grow with increasing strength or invasiveness of topical or laser procedures. Some treatments are NOT suitable for people with active acne, sensitive skin or darker skin tones. You should investigate and weigh possible side eff
  5. Hiii, basically what the topic title says, is the sun good or bad for red marks? i have heard both. thanksss!
  6. Hi, i see these posts all the time, but im wondering if there is anyone else in my situation. I'm a 19 yr old female with moderate acne. i have been on acutane for 3 months and i have seen pretty good results. im still breaking out on my cheeks a little though. the worst part of my acne was on my forehead, did anyone else have that? and while my forehead is clear, it has marks all over that make my skin look wayyy uneven. my question is did any female my age have red marks on their forehead and
  7. I'm not sure. I know im going on 20mg a day for starting off. And i have pretty oily skin. My face is getting worse too...well more so my forehead which is getting cystic like things around my hairline which has never happened to me before. I really want to just start taking the dang pill.
  8. Thank you guys for all of the replies! Yeah I'm 125 lbs. too. I hope it clears it up!! And yes thank you for the link cloudyhill!
  9. Hi, so I'm a 19 year old female with moderate-severe acne. I have had acne since I was about 12, but nothing too major. When i was 15, i was put on bc and minocyclin, which worked great til about 7 months ago. It just completely stopped working. So my doctor (not derm, i hadn't seen a derm since i was 13 or so) put me on a new bc: yaz, and doxcyclin, and retin-a. It only made it worse. My face has NEVER been this bad in my life. I cried everyday after i got out of the shower because my face was