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  1. Actually, that's not true about Echinacea. I took it intensively for several weeks at a time and perceived no more susceptibility to colds than normal. It is an immune booster, not an immune suppressant. In fact, I always take it when I feel run down and it works great. I get a cold maybe once a year if not more rarely. Echinacea hasn't helped my acne, though. Cutting back on caffeine & sugar (calories in general) has. Best of luck! Julie
  2. Hi Everyone, Last year I posted a lot and then I stopped posting. I have not forgotten you guys. I want to report that I am zit-free for two reasons: 1. I have cut WAY back on caffeine. I am actually in the process of eliminating nearly all caffeine from my diet. I am down to about 8 oz. of tea once a day and the occasional piece of chocolate. In a week I hope to completely eliminate the tea part as well. 2. Caloric reduction. I have also been restricting my calories to about 1600-1800 a
  3. Day ??? Hi Everyone, I have not posted for AGES but I decided to tonight because of something that happened. Tonight coming home on the train I saw a young guy (late teens, early twenties?) with bad acne all over his face. I felt so sorry for him. His whole face was red and covered with zits and whiteheads. So, I took out a piece of paper and a pen from my purse. I wrote him a note advising him to try using 2.5% benzoyl peroxide morning and night, and 10g daily of B5. When he rose to
  4. Day 66 All right folks, it looks like going back to benzoyl peroxide twice a day, and 10g B5, is what works. No pimples.
  5. Day 62 Pimples: 2 whiteheads + 1 nasty one forming deep under the skin! :oops: :oops: :oops: Hi Rabb1t, I am doing the same B5 regimen as you, my friend. Do your math: 10g B5 = 20 pills of 500 mg a day. 20 X 500 = 10,000 mg or 10 g. There are 1000 grams per milligram. I agree the first week was pretty pimply for me, too. Now I am getting more pimples since doing my "cut back on benzoyl peroxide" experiment. I admit I don't have the fortitude to stick it out. I'm going back on
  6. Day 61 Sorry I haven't written in awhile. Things have been busy. The period came and went with one little pimple. Now it's gone. I am now doing 10g B5 and a new experiment: cutting back on the benzoyl peroxide. Yes, because my skin is always slightly red in my chin/mouth area and I think it may be due to bp's mildly irritating effects. Now that I have no pimples, I am going to try reducing the amount of benzoyl peroxide while maintaining the amount of B5, to see if that works. My new experim
  7. 8) Thanks, Fiona! Day 52 To be honest with you all, I have been getting a little bit sloppy in my B5 and 2.5% benzoyl peroxide regimen. For instance, on some days I don't actually apply the bp both morning and night. And some days I don't take my full 10 grams of B5. Sometimes I'll only be able to get to 2 doses each day, or 6 grams. This is because sometimes I forget to take a dose in the morning, and I still try to take my multivitamin with B-complex apart from the dose of B5. It seem
  8. Day 49 No pimples! I turned 32 yesterday and it was great to have a zit-free birthday! I ate tons of chocolate, too! No bupolo, I don't find myself getting sick more frequently. I get a cold about once or twice a year. The B5 hasn't changed that.
  9. Hi, The typical dosage for B5 at the beginning of your protocol should be 10g of B5. For me that works out to 20 pills of 500 mg. You are taking half that. Yes, I would up your dose to 10 grams. -Julie
  10. If you look at their products, closely :roll: :roll: :roll: you will see that their clear skin product is mostly....(drum roll please)...Pantothenic Acid!!! http://www.coenzyme-a.com/index.html Sorimachi, I hearby announce you are the King of B5 Research. From now on, your job is to provide us with answers to B5 questions, not to post your questions on my Personal Regimen Log. Since you are smart enough to ask the questions, you are smart enough research the answers and report back to us.
  11. Hi, I don't think it's the B5 that you see working. Probably it's the retin-A micro. B5 takes about 2 weeks to kick in. As for drinking or applying your urine to your face to get more out of the B5, that is unnecessary. I've been taking B5 in pill form for a month, and it's worked great for me without having to resort to ahem, extreme measures. Julie
  12. Day 46 1 pimple! Type: small Location: typical (corner of mouth) Reason: Maybe I cut back on the B5 dosage too soon. Maybe the chocolate is catching up to me. For the past 2 days I've re-upped my dosage to the usual 10g B5. Hi Sorimachi, Read the article again. Coenzyme A is not an "enhancement for B5 to work well." Just the opposite. B5 is necessary for the synthesis of Coenzyme A. A deficiency in Coenzyme A results in the body having difficulty breaking down fats. The fats may become d
  13. Hi Sorimachi, I would think (and I may be wrong) that you wouldn't need any B5 after taking Accutane. Please, go to this website for your questions...I am not an expert on B5 and would not like to advise you on anything since I really don't have the answers. They even have a section called "B5 and Accutane." http://www.b5supplements.com/ Good luck. Julie
  14. Day 42 No pimples! Hi Sorimachi, Interesting question. No, vitamin B5 and B6 are obviously not the same vitamin. For all your vitamin questions, Google is the answer. (Meaning, go to www.google.com and search on vitamin b5 and vitamin b6 for awhile.) Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) My dosage of vitamin B6 is whatever is in my multivitamin which I take at a different time each day from my B5 doses. Let's see..10 mg vitamin B6 are in my multivitamin. The current a
  15. Day 41 Enjoying chocolate again, and lots of it. No zits! Thanks, B5!