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  1. Sea water works miracles on my skin, I surf frequently and it works wonders!
  2. Hey people. I'm using Panoxyl 2.5% Aquagel at the moment, but find it incredibly drying on my skin. I've been in Spain and France for the past 2 weeks on work and used some Effacne (French drug) and Pannogel, both 2.5%. These were alot less drying than I find my Panoxyl and seemed to work the same. Just wondering if anyone knows any other decent BP products in the UK other than Panoxyl I can try out. Thanks.
  3. Regular surfer here. I'd say the sea helps, however it does dry quickly so it's useful to moisturise afterwards. If you use BP and go in the sea, your face might hurt quite alot. BP + salt water don't mix too well!
  4. I've recently started using a simple moisturiser along with my benzoyl peroxide 5% (+ also on Erythromycin).. How long should I leave my BP on my skin for it to dry before applying moisturiser? Thanks.
  5. I cannot agree with the idea that Benzoyl Peroxide is the worst thing for your skin. I've been using it for 4 months, along with taking Erythromycin x 4 daily and it has worked wonders.
  6. Think about it this way... Do you ever realise what someone elses skin looks like? Have you even thought "Wow, they've got horrendous skin."?
  7. I applaud you. I regularly surf and end up shirtless on the beach, I've got acne on my back and chest, only moderately. I know how you feel, my friends have flawless skin and I always feel slightly annoyed. But it doesn't bother me if I don't think about it, I doubt they even notice!
  8. I've had quite bad acne, and managed to have a few long-term relationships. One lasted a year+ and another for the same time. Personality > Looks.
  9. I like my face the way it is. When the acne clears, I'll like it even more.
  10. *sigh* Seriously, where are you getting the idea that your skin will become dependent on BP from? BP oxidizes the skin, creating an environment that the bacteria that cause acne cannot survive in, so they die. Simple as that.
  11. Acne is a bitch to live with. But it will eventually clear, just don't murder your skin too much in the process.
  12. Well, I thought my skin had cleared after being on antibiotics for many years, tetracycline, oxy-tetracycling and then erythromycin. Erythromycin was the best and before I went to University my skin was completely clear, however now they have returned. *I stopped taking erythromycin about 4 months ago.* Do you think my doctor has any reason not to allow me to go onto them again? Anyone else relapsed?
  13. I am an old sufferer of this, however mine has now 95% cleared up. I've been on tetracycline, oxytetracycline and now on erythromycin. All I can see is keep going. You've just got to persist with medication/regimes and they will go. Don't give up hope Rian, they will disappear over time and I must say, you're a fittie.