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  1. pogo

    My case

    I agree that this isn't just a severe scarring forum. But a lot of the scar revision methods discussed here cost a lot of money and often have adverse side effects. I think it's helpful to remind people with minor scarring not to feel like they need they need to do anything drastic. I believe Mr' Dons advice was blunt and truthful especially in light of the OP's belief that his scars are "big and very depressing." Op you scarring isn't that bad. Once the redmarks go away you reall
  2. I understand why you want to improve your skin. You see an imperfection so why not try and make it better. But please don't freak out about it (I'm not saying you are). Your scars are laughable compared to what many other people in here have to deal with. As many in here know, there are no easy answers for treating scars. In your case, the risks are likely not worth the reward. Maybe you can gently roll your scars with a 0.5 mm derma roller. I don't think anyone other than yourself will
  3. Wow dudley your going for a 5th? I guess you didn't see it but i asked in another thread where you posted how you feel things are going after your 4th repair treatment. I don't mind the pain from repair but the downtime is so difficult for me to schedule.
  4. Hey Dudley, nice to see you are still around. Are you finished with your treatments? I think you had Fraxel Repair done 3 or 4 times. How do you feel about your results? I hope everything is going well for you!
  5. WHAT: 1.) What size needles were/are you using? 1.5mm roller 2.) What kind of scars were/are you treating? I have ice pick, rolling, and box car. I focused on my temples bc that's the area that bothers me the most. 3.) What topicals, if any, did/do you use before & after each treatment? Retin-A. But I don't use it bc I roll, I use it bc it helps me from breaking out. 4.) What vitamins/supplements, if any, did/do you take? I just try and eat healthy and
  6. I haven't had the luxury of being able to worry about the size of my pores. Unfortunately I have a significant number of scars to distract me. The area where I have just enlarged pores is actually what I consider to be one of the few good areas of my face, haha. So stop worrying about them.
  7. Bonbon, it's true that doctors always seem to suggest the most expensive treatment even when a cheaper treatment is available and can be just as effective. Those lasers are expensive and they have to pay them off. So while i would be dismissive of the drs suggestion for laser treatment (not to say lasers are completely useless), I'm curious as to why he or she suggested subsicion? Subsicion is usually performed on rolling scars. If you have rolling scars tca may not be the best route to ta
  8. I'm not going to comment too much on the scarring issue bc your skin is completely normal. You may not have "great" skin but you hardly have "bad" skin. You are being a perfectionist, seeking unrealistic results. All you are going achieve is a lifetime of worry and frustration. Now what you do legitimately seem to have is enlarged pores. I have skin like that too. It's very easy for my skin to get clogged and break out. What worked for me and what may work for you is the following: shave
  9. The degree of my scarring varies. I have a lot of rolling scars on my temples and some rolling scars, ice picks, and maybe a few boxcars on my jawline and cheeks. It's mostly moderate in the sense that many of my scars aren't extremely deep or pitted. But my scars aren't moderate enough that they can ever be completely eradicated. I had subcision and fraxel CO2 in late 2008. Those procedures improved my skin but didn't "get rid" of many if any scars. My skin had more of an even tone an
  10. Munsoned, I'm glad to see you are getting some improvement. I've rolled and needled 8-10 times over the last 2.5 years. I roll pretty aggressively, but nothing too crazy. I'm usually more aggressive on the side of my face that I start with bc after rolling for 15 minutes the pain becomes too much and I ease up. I've seen some improvements, especially to my rolling scars. They haven't disappeared, nor do I expect they ever will, but they look better, softer. Most importantly I'm in a de
  11. Sverd there might be some good info in this thread. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Microdrop...je-t220027.html
  12. pogo

    my scars

    Remember that swelling makes the scars seem to go away and then they reappear shortly thereafter. The real results won't be seen until a month or so later. As long as you don't expect absolute perfection I think dermarolling will give you great results.
  13. You do have some scarring. I understand how you feel, it's your face and you want things to be perfect. Try to improve your skin, yes, but there's no way you should let your minimal imperfections be a barrier to your social life and well being. Rather than focusing on your scars you might want to focus on your mental and emotional health. What do you do when you have a bad hair day? Surely that's more noticeable than the slight indentations you have.
  14. Again, if his scars are severe, than we need a new category for severe scarring bc there are plenty of people with scarring worse than that. You can pick the name for this new category. How about "super f'ed up scarring"? It's funny how you start out by saying everyone has their own opinion because you then go and call all the people who say Sverd has moderate scarring a bunch of liars. Don't our opinions count too? Steveman, nice picture. I wish I could swing a ten