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  1. Please dont respond saying you drink all the time on accutane. My friend who ALWAYS follows the rules and is extremely paranoid just got off accutane. We want to plan her a bachelorette party, she is getting married in the beginning of March. She says she cant drink bc accutane stays in your system for 6 months. Is that what the official advice is? or is it 30 days, what does it say on the package?
  2. i used differin and clindamycin topically, at first i had to alternate nights because my skin was getting too red and dry. my derm said that was fine. try that, and when your skin gets used to that, start going every day agian.
  3. blackheads are the devil. goodluck finding something that works! they always come back! and if you do find something that works please let me know!
  4. go on an antibiotic as well!!!! better yet, start the antibiotic 2-3 weeks before it. this board is a broken record. "omg i started differin/retina a/etc. and i have worse acne than when i started. should i get off it" no. you should not get off it. stay on it for 3 months at least. thats how long they say it takes to work. me on the otherhand, followed what my brilliant dermatologist said and used clindamycin in the begining while using differin. differin at night, clindamycin in the morning (i
  5. ya, try a benzoyl peroxide treatment, if that doenst work, id go for clindamycin. its a topical antibotic and it works great with benzoyl peroxide. i like clindets, it works great and fast!
  6. awesome post! I am a girl, who has also tried everything and i have come to the same conclusions you have! follow the advice above!!
  7. k so every person who has had braces has these wires put in their mouths. they do not all have acne. call me crazy, but maybe just maybe the fact that people get braces im their teens, the same time that acne begins on average has something to do with it. keep the wire in your mouth, go to a dermatologist and get clear skin. I'll give you guys a grade ten science lesson, just becasue a and b happen at the same time or one after another doesnt mean a causes b or b causes a maybe high school ca
  8. everybody is different but from my experience no. ive tried everything, they always come back
  9. I'm reading all these posts on the mild-moderate and severe acne boards and people are posting pictures of their horrible acne and everyone says, change your diet, use bp/ sa/ water. like wtf. am i delusional or should these people not be going to dermatologists? after seeing these peoples skin ive realized my skin was barely nothing! and ive been on clindamycin and differin for years. now i get one pimple a month and have a few blackheads and i still want my skin to get better. maybe its just
  10. no offense, you need to go on a perscription. i dont have skin as bad as yours so i cant tell you what will work but a dermatologist will. diet and SA and BP are a good enough solution for people who have one to two people at a time. i love bp but using an antibiotic or retinoid with it makes all the difference. PLEASE GO TO YOUR DERMATOLOGIST
  11. dont worry about your diet. it seems like your regimen needs to be changed becasue it isnt working anymore. i say go to your derm as soon as possible and go on an antibiotic like clindamycin. my skin was not as bad as yours and i was on perscriptions becasue i dont think the stuff available over the counter is strong enough. from the looks of your skin, clindamycin would do wonders. it works in like 2 weeks too which is great. it treats and prevents!
  12. do not do accutane yet. that should be the perscription you try after all the other perscriptions fail. go to your derm and go on an antibiotic ( i recommend clinamycin) or a topical retinoid (i recommend differin). or better yet, go on both!
  13. your acne is mild but i would say bad mild. people with really bad skin think people like your or my skin is nothing to worry about but it is! we still want clear skin! In my opinion, benzoyl peroxide is great but if you have legit acne it isnt going to be enough. I recommend going to your dermatologist and going on differin 0.01. it completely cleared up my skin that used to be like yours. i still use bp in the morning, but i now use differin at night.
  14. im on the same thing as you, clindamycin and differin. i had results in about two months and never had a bad initial breakout but it is normal for it to take three months to see any results. i would suggest looking at the personal regimen logs where you can track other peoples progress with differin. But i recommennd you stick to it. what you say sounds completely normal based on what ive read on this website. i have been on differin for about a year and i have 99% clear skin. i love the stuff.
  15. your post reads like a commercial! could you imagine if companies advertised by pretending to be a regular user