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  1. A quick update: Been using Nizoral as a face wash for the past 3 weeks now. Just to make it clear, I use it every night and leave it on for 4-5 minutes before washing off. I use Dermalogica Clay Cleanser in the morning and the Nizoral at night. There is definitely a reduction in oil but a minimal reduction. The fact that I can visually see a change after 3 weeks is pleasing. However, there is no change in my mild/moderate acne. I will be using it for at least another 6 weeks to see if there
  2. Ive been using Nizoral as a face wash for the past 2 weeks now. I wash my face with the Nizoral, leave it on for 5 minutes and then wash it off. I am using it as the main ingredient "ketoconazole" is known to act as an anti-androgen. I believe by using it for a long period of time, I can decrease the amount of sebum my sebaceous glands produce. I would like to also start using Apple Cider Vinegar as a toner as I have heard that it can help those with Oily skin. My question is: If I wash with
  3. Bryan, what do you know about using Apple Cider Vinegar as a toner? I heard that a lot of people have had success with it to help oily skin.
  4. I don't follow you. You need to get BEFORE and AFTER Sebutape readings, to see if there's a change in oil production caused by the Nizoral. There's no point in doing only an AFTER reading. My main thesis here is that Sebutape test-strips can detect differences that may be too subtle for you to notice by casual day-to-day observation, not to mention the "pitfalls" which can fool you into thinking that there's no change, when there really is. Yeah you are right, my bad, I was thinking abo
  5. I agree with this. Washing my face with warm water a couple of times a day helps me to keep my skin fairly clear. Everyone says "do not wash more than 2 times a day or you will produce more oil", when I try this I get more acne, washing frequently keeps your skin from getting oil blockages which leads to acne. I have never irritated my skin by just washing with water but I have irritated it by using harsh cleaners. For example if I over washed with Cetaphil for Oily Skin or any other cleanse
  6. Ok today when I checked my face, it looked as oily as always. Like I said it must of been my perception before when I said that I looked less oily. I have been using it every night, and I decided to use it again in the morning today....a few hours later I am really oily. It could be that I irritated my skin by over using the nizoral. I will need to keep on using for some weeks. I will consider the sebutape test-strips in a few weeks, there is no point at the moment as there is no change in oil
  7. Ok its been one week since I've been using Nizoral on my face every night. I also leave it on for the 3-5 minutes which is stated on the product. My face looks "slightly" less oily. This may be because there could be a layer of dead skin on the surface which is stopping all of the oil coming through. But the question is, would I have a layer of dead skin after using Nizoral??? Doesnt Nizoral actually help with this? If this is the case, then it looks like the Nizoral could in fact be working
  8. After reading the previous 21 pages, I decided to order this in a bid to help my oily skin. I live in Australia, so I had to order from the US. EDIT: Ok I have found some scary info, please have a look at the following sites: http://askwaltstollmd.com/archives/antiper.html "Antiperspirants are astringents that chemically pucker up the opening to the sebaceous glands in the arm pit. It does not stop the secretion of the sebum so it builds up in the gland until the antiperspirant is gone for a
  9. Ok I found a good study on Nizoral http://www.hairlosstalk.com/download/nizoral.pdf The patients used it on their scalp 2-4 times a week. After 6 months study: "A 19.4% decrease in the mean sebaceous gland area was observed in the KCZ group." Note that this is the "mean" which means that there were many people that observed an even larger decrease in sebaceous gland area. Why I think there could be chance of greater success: When patients use this on their hair, 100% of the shampoo would no
  10. After all these years of researching and trying different products, I have found nothing that has worked thus far. When I go out on the weekend, I use a clay mask before I leave. (That way my oil is at least controlled for a couple of hours). I have started to look into to the ingredient "Zinc PCA" and its role on sebum reduction. I suggest you google the ingredient and see what you find. From what I have read so far, it is supposed to be a good regulator of the oil glands. It is in a pro
  11. Bryan whats your knowledge on "Zinc PCA". I read from a number of sources that it regulates sebum production. It is available in a product called Papulex. Ingredients of Papulex Cream: Nicotinamide 4% Zinc PCA 1% Active ABA 1% Matifying agents 6% (including Polymethylmethacrylate) Oil-free emulsion including Butylene glycol dicaprylate/caprate (ester) Isodecyl neopentanoate (ester) Cylcomethicone (silicone)
  12. The main ingredient in Nizoral is Ketoconazole which is supposed to act as an anti-androgen. In one study results show that when used on the scalp, it reduced oil glands by 20%. I trust this was based on using it only 2 times a week as suggested on the product. I am using it every night on my face to see the effects, I know it sounds crazy but I am really sick of my oily skin so I have resulted to trying such experiments. I have used it for 2 nights now, and I will be using it every night for th
  13. I am in Australia, and you dont need a prescription for the 2%. Only problem is that it is more than 2 times the price of the 1% version. 100ml costs $24 Aus ($18US). This is even more expensive than the Dermalogica cleanser range. I remember reading on another forum that someone had used Nizoral on their face and had clear skin in 10 days. I personally dont have much acne, but my very oily skin drives me insane.