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  1. I've seen the result pics of that chick in magazines, where her skin approved tons in just 3 days... anyone tried it?
  2. my older brother started getting bad acne when he was in 8th grade. my aunt gave him Proactiv, and it worked very well.. but that stuff can get costly, so we had to stop buying it, and now he's face is back like it use to be...
  3. k, i tried it... and no results... i guess i'm part of the one percent that it doesn't work for...
  4. trust me.. if there was a way everyone in the world could avoid stree and depression, there would be no need to put everyone on drugs these days.
  5. i'm not sure about that... i know that chorline from pools and stuff makes ur acne very irratated...
  6. my face seems to be clearing up a little bit in areas, and gotten worse in others...
  7. I'm using all the Rapid Clear Products from Neutrogina, and they really do work. They haven't dried out my skin, they take away excess oil, and most of all, they are fadding my pimples fast.
  8. Clean and Clear has a Morning Burst moustrurizer, with SPF 15. it's pretty good.
  9. yhea, i'm using it right now. i've been using all of the rapid clear products for about 2-3 weeks now, and i've noticed my reddness going away, and my pimples are fadding... i'm not completely clear, but on the road to getting there.. i like the lotion 'cause it doesn't dry out your skin, but it doesn't leave ur skin oily feeling or shiney either. it's really cool.
  10. Okay, so i finally went and saw my doctor about my acne, and she perscribed to me this cream that has 10% Benzoyl Peroxide in it, and also this liquid stuff i dab on the spots, it smells like alcohol, and also this Benzoyl Peroxide face wash... do you think it will work?
  11. If you go to their website, you can take a test on there, and it shows you what kind of products of theirs to use for your kind of skin. i'm about to go out and buy them, and see how it goes. i'll let you guys know if it works.
  12. any kind of toothpaste does the same thing.. I read that Avril Lavigne uses toothpaste when she gets pimples, and believe me, she breaks out with a few every now and then.
  13. buy a face wash that says it "disolves oil" on it. it really keeps the oil away.
  14. also, i'm planning on buying Proactiv. by brother used it a few years ago, and it worked very well for him... and i know Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson use it, so i'm thinking it's very good.