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  1. Thanks @beautifulambition great advice as always. Regarding finding someone who specialises in ethnic skin, are there any recommended London doctors or should I just call up and enquire?
  2. Looking for some advice on what I need. A couple years ago I had Sculptra done, two sessions but it didn't really help and cost me quite a bit in London. I'm currently microneedling at home to try and help. Tried to get good lighting...
  3. I'm interested in this treatment but trying to find some reputable people in London to do it, I have Dr Anil, Dr Chu and Dr Firas Al-Niaimi from what I can find. Am I right in these being some of the better ones and how much can I expect a treatment to cost? Thanks
  4. Ah ok, so no actual benefit to going slower other then pain threshold. I've been using 1.5m with a dermaroller anyways but thank you!
  5. Hello, just purchased one of these for home use but one thing I can't find much information on is the impact of the different speeds. Can anyone shed any light on this? What speed should I generally be using, say if I'm using 1.5m? Thanks
  6. Your name is AWESOME!

  7. Ok, i'm assuming i need alot of b vitamins or? I have majority of scars left (asian skin tone) so what vitamin will help with the appearance of them going?
  8. Yeah i mean what's a really good multivitamin that includes stuff like that? From the UK remember
  9. Hi guys, i'm sick of topicals only working for a bit then returning. I want to cleanse from inside, but i can't be bothered to maintain all those strict diets etc, my brother seems to be taking something that works, so i think internally for me is the way to go. A tablet like acnepril or something along that, you get the idea, any recommendations please, i'm from the UK if that helps.
  10. Hello again guys, right need to clear some basic stuff up, going to implent home sauna (boil water, hold my head over it for like 5minutes) but basically right, i know it opens pores up etc, but once i've finished the "sauna" do i cleanse my face WHILE i have sweat/residue on my face, or do i wash that stuff off with warm water THEN cleanse? After the cleanse, do i wash OFF with warm water or cold water? Bit confused, i know these are probably idiotic questions, but i would like to know
  11. Sudocreme does wonders for marks. Also, i am eating at around every 2 hours, i think this helps nutrition also. Oh also, drinking around atleast 6 litres of water a day!
  12. Hi there guys, finally i think i've found a regime put together by myself that is working well so far! My skin - is basically red marks (asian background, see profile picture!) i would say 80% marks and 20% actual spots. These marks make my skin look bad, it's what annoys me more since i actually know i don't have a spot there! I was using dan's regimne, helped a bit, but not as much as i wanted/hoped for. As i have more red marks then actual spots, reading that BP prolongs the marks being the
  13. Hi there, i want to try this, however i just brought ST Ives exfoliating stuff, so i was wondering, should i dunk THEN use the exfoliatore, or the other way round? I'm thinking, exfoliate then dunk.