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  1. tbh I really don't see how this thread is constructive at all. It is obviously the cause of acne for some people. Just because it's not the cause of your acne it doesn't mean it can't be the cause for someone else. Why are we trying to disprove a dietary change that has helped many people rid of their acne? This is an acne support forum.
  2. As I already said, as soon as I start eating dairy my acne returns. It is not that my acne was already going to clear. Your best bet is experiment with dairy and without it. If it makes no difference for you then don't bother cutting it out. I LOVE dairy and wish I didn't have to cut it out of my diet but at the end of day, atleast for me clear skin>dairy. I went on holiday and decided to allow myself dairy... after 5 consecutive days my skin had broken out so badly and my chin was cov
  3. alice, I noticed a massive change in my skin when I became vegan. With that said, I think it was mainly to do with the elimination of dairy. Like dairy, I have heard that red meat has hormones that can trigger acne. as for eating healthy vegetarian food, there are many vegetarian and vegan forums online which have discussion boards of really yummy vegetarian dishes.
  4. Not everybody who sunbathes will get skin cancer, not everybody who smokes will get lung cancer. Everybody's body is different, some are more tolerant than others, some are more susceptible to particular diseases or illnesses than others. I find your post pretty patronising tbh. You have found a way to clear your acne so tell people about that rather than questioning the validity of those who have become clear by cutting out dairy, we are not all dreaming and we have no reason to lie.
  5. have you done a google search? there are plenty of websites that provide evidence on the relationship between acne and dairy. I don't know how concrete it is, but I don't really care either. I know what works for me and many others have had similar experiences. I never believed there was any correlation between food and acne at all. It was only when I became vegan for reasons not related to my skin and my skin miraculously became crystal clear, I was convinced. When I eat dairy these days, like
  6. I just thought I would add to this thread and spread the word that DAIRY = ACNE. For years I had absolutely terrible acne and was put on doxycycline, tetracycline and accutane. After accutane my skin stayed clear for a couple of months but then the acne came back with a vengeance. Later on I became vegan (didn't have any idea that it would effect my acne) and I watched as my skin miraculously cleared up. Pores smaller, skin more radiant and not a single pimple on my face. I have been more flex
  7. I had a couple of sebaceous cysts when I was on accutane... I think it must've been a side effect because I never had them before or after accutane, just while I was on it. They were not on my face. One was on my inner thigh and one was under my armpit (gross I know). I had to get them both surgically removed because they became HUGE. My doctor said, had I come to him when the sebaceous cyst started forming, he could've given me antibiotics and I would never had to have the surgery. Other than
  8. Have you tried regular use of a sauna/steam room?
  9. I'm not talking about cost as in money. I'm talking about the cost on my appearance. I am currently clear from ACNE, but I'm only 18 and facing all these other problems because of the acne treatments I've been taking. I fear that years of benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid have made my skin look OLD and my pores look massive. Not only that, I'm on doxycycline which makes me more susceptible to the sun = thin skin, age spots, wrinkles, broken capillaries. I'm only 18!! How is this happening?
  10. For so long I was a firm believer that acne had nothing to do with what I ate. I had terrible acne and went on roaccutane. After roaccutane, my acne came back but not in full force like it was before accutane. I went on doxycycline.. that helped, I'd say I was 80% clear; spotting here and there and a couple of cysts every month. About a year ago I became vegan. My skin glows and I rarely get pimples, ever. I've had so many compliments on my skin. It took atleast a couple of months for me to rea
  11. Hey guys! I've been on doxycycline for a couple of years now to keep my acne under control after accutane. My usual prescription of doxy is 50gm twice a day. However, I'm overseas at the moment (longer than I expected, and my doxycycline has run out). I don't have medical insurance here so I bought doxy 100gm over the internet because I couldn't find 50gm. Would it be any different if I took 100gm once a day, instead of 50gm twice a day? I'm a bit anxious so any help would be really appreciat
  12. Yeah I'm actually always wondering if that is the confidence factor versus the actually looking hotter factor.
  13. So here's my problem. I'm very acne prone, (used to be on accutane, now on doxycycline) and at the same time, I need sun protection to avoid hyperpigmentation because I'm prone to that too. And I'm pretty sure doxycycline makes your skin more sensitive to the sun anyway, along with salicylic acid which I use regularly. Basically, every sunscreen I've tried makes me break out, even the oil free ones or the gel kind. Does anyone have any reccomendations of a good sunscreen? argh, hopefully I can f
  14. I had a massive breakout on the left side of my face, squeezed all the pimples which had left scabs. I wanted the scabs to fall over as quickly as possible so i put dettol on basically the whole left side of my face. It burned like hell (thought that meant it was doing it's job) and I ended up with the whole left side of my face being a giant scab.