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  1. If you want to try an all natural organic moisturizer, I recommend Bee Yummy Skin Food. It's made out of only four ingredients and very gentle on the skin. However, it is kinda pricey. You can find it on live-live.com if interested.
  2. I completely understand your frustration about that. I had the same qualms about it it at one point. And yes, I think some, if not most people do exagerate the condition of their skin. However, I also think that the level of severity given each person is subjective. For instance, I have severe acne in clusters across my face but I've seen some people with acne scattered across their face but still at the same level of severity. However, mine looked worse. It's like people who have severe acne in
  3. I've heard a lot of bad things about the GNC Fish Oil capsules but I think they're supposed to smell like that. They seem to be okay for me.
  4. I have the exact same problem although I'm not on Accutane. I contacted this clinic called face reality in San Francisco to ask them for advice and they said it usually takes 3 to 4 months for them to fade completely. However, I've been using aloe vera gel and a honey cream and it seems to be speeding up the process.
  5. Yes, I know what you mean. I used that kit once as well, the cleanser runs out before any of the other stuff. Wait exactly a month and then try something more gentle. I think gentle is the best way to go for acne prone skin for some people. You can try a gentle cleaner and then maybe a BHA product as an exfoliator and then an on-the-spot treatment or something.
  6. I'm currently using Clindamycin and it's helped a lot. I have not had a break out in a while, almost over a month now. Clindamycin should not give you an IB and it works well for those big red pimples and underground nodules that usually take forever to go away. I discontinued Doxycycline and they put me on Clindamycin and aside from having tons of red marks, I have about 3 active pimples and one small underground pimple on my jaw line.
  7. I got the product from a website called live-live.com, the only problem is, that it's kinda pricey. However, it sounds like you could benefit from an all natural organic product since you are continuing to have break outs. Breaking out more where red marks are might be hindering your progress and I understand it's frustrating. This product is good for your skin and won't make you break out and I have seen it make a difference in my red marks after only a few weeks of using it.
  8. If you wouldn't have circled them, it would've been hard to notice where they were. They're not that bad at all. I've heard they can take 12-18 months to fade completely. Feel lucky that you only have very few marks and even those are not all that noticable.
  9. Their has to be a reason some acne leaves these spots and other acne does not. Also some people lose them very quickly while I have had some for 6 months. The longer the pimple has been there the more likely it is to leave a red mark. I guess because the bacteria runs deeper into your skin. 6 months is quite a while but I've heard that it can take 12-18 months to completely fade.
  10. Red marks are what is sometimes left over after an inflamed acne lesion heals. They are smooth and flat against your skin. So if you've had a large imflamed red pimple, that's how they usually come about. You can try several different things to speed up the process, Aloe Vera Gel or for best results, from the plant. Or you can try a honey based moisturizer with honey as the main ingredient. I use a product called Bee Yummy Skin food that has all organic ingredients...other then that, time is pro
  11. You seem to have a little bit of active acne but mainly just red marks. I think a hollisitc approach would work well for you. My marks look a lot like yours minus the active acne. You can try aloe vera gel, also what I found to be really helpful has been a honey based moisturizer with honey as the active ingredient. It works well when it comes to fading red marks and healing the skin. Bee Yummy Skin Food is a good moisturizer to calm your skin down and it contains all natural ingredients. I hop
  12. You're scarring, if you want to call it that, is like a 1 1/2. Honestly, I don't think it's scarring so much as large pores. You can take of this, I believe by exfoliating. Do you use anything to exfoliate? Overall, you're skin is really not bad and if there is any scarring, it's not captured in pictures so I wouldn't worry about it too much.
  13. Hey girly, how are things going for you?

  14. Sounds like a nodule to me. You can try icing it to bring it down. I used the 3 step Neutrogena before as well and it doesn't do much for those type of pimples. Now, I use a honey based cream and its helped a lot.