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  1. i really appreciate documenting ur tca treatment with pics, but i was wondering if u could post a more recent pic? like one of 30 days after CROSS, or something along the lines of that, thanks
  2. nice results, and i saw the ReVive cream for $235 or so, and i also found this repair cream that also has EGF for about $30, just wanted to post the site, and maybe some ppl can comment on it or what not...to me, it looks promising for post-cross treatment as a egf cream http://www.mychelleusa.com/deep_repair.htm http://www.mychelleusa.com/pumpkin_renew.htm which cream would someone recommend for post cross treatment? oh, and how do u wash ur face? i mean while u have scabs on you would like
  3. what about blackheads? i would imagine the lemon would help with blackheads, but please clarify, and also if the vinegar will help with blackheads. and if i drink 12 glasses of water a day, should i add lemon to all of those?
  4. I've been overweight for basically my whole life (17yrs). But recently I've lost a lot of weight, about 60 pounds in 60 days (I've had a lot of doctor checkups and I'm more healthy than I ever was, so please don't say thats not healthy ) and I'm still lookin to lose about 40 more pounds. And I mention this because it seems as though my face is stretched, its seem like this before I've started losing the weight. Everytime I would shower I would wash my face with Dove Moisterising Soap and my
  5. what kind of acne scars do/did u guys have?
  6. i dont think its sexist about the whole scar for men is rugged an sexy... for instance, brad pitt has acne scars and just about every woman in the world would love to be with him, hes often called the sexist man alive...and he has acne scars so its not sexist
  7. im wondering how many tca cross treatments can u have? ive read alot of people doing 6 treatments at intervals of a month, but i was wondering could u do more than 6 treatments and would it be effective? and if u cant, why not?
  8. can u do this procedure on icepick scars?
  9. I have alot of icepick scars on my face, scars that run into the hundreds. I've read about people and their tca cross treatments, but it seems like they only get a few scars done, so I was wondering what should I use for all of my scars, possibly tca cross?
  10. i have alot of black heads on my nose and i just started using tazorac, so if u found something else to use along with it, or if the tazorac itself does the trick, plz post
  11. been usin it for a week an i still peel, not as much tho, and ive broken out a bit...tazorac is the only thing im putting on my skin...so i try an stick with it?
  12. how well does this treatment work for icepick scars?
  13. i see alot of people listing tca percentage, i have terrible ice picks scars on my face that run into the hundreds, and i want to talk to my dermathologist about this procedure and maybe he can perfrom it on me, but i was wondering whats the difference between the tca % ? i have a lot of very deep icepick scars all over my face, so i was wondering if someone would be able to breakdown the percentages and possible recommend one for me, thanks