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  1. I know everyone is different. But I was 23 when I took Accutane (50mg/6months) that was two years ago and not only is my cystic acne gone but I hardly get small pimples or blackheads. For me, it was a great decision.
  2. I suffered from cystic acne on my cheeks for years. I started Accutane in Feb of 07. I was 23yrs old. Female, 115lbs. I did 50mg a day for 6 months. My skin is still clear!! I do not get cystic pimples at all anymore. Using this medication was the best decision I have made in regards to skin.
  3. the bottom line is how a girl feels about herself, not what everyone else thinks.
  4. I am 24 but was left with pitted icepick scars covering my cheeks from acne in my late teens. Once I came off Accutane my skin looked clear but the scars remained. I have recently undergone my second series of silicone injections and I am happy with my results. One more session and than I will have laser resurfacing. My skin has sure come a long way and I feel better than I have in years
  5. Just turned 24 last month. Had (moderate-severe) acne since 17 yrs old, nice skin before that. Finally went on Accutane last year and I am grateful everyday that I made the decision to go on it. Now I have teamed up with my plastic surgeon to get rid of these scars!!
  6. I went on Accutane and have been off now for two months. I did a full six months course. If you still have breakouts and scars are not your ONLY concern I say go for the Accutane and do chemical peels later. If you treat your acne then get the peels you might only need a couple. If you don't treat your acne first you will have to get peel after peel after peel. What's the point in that? Good luck!!
  7. If you are fair skinned I would be safe and use 45. If not I think you'll be fine
  8. I have been of Accutane for only two months but MAN did it make a huge difference I took 50mg a day (I'm 115lbs) for six months and my face has never been clearer. I seriously have only got one pimple since I have been off, not even a cystic one. HOORAY!
  9. Try Cetaphil or Purpose cleanser, both are soap free and gentle. Use SUNSCREEN! A gentle moisturizer. Aquaphor for your chapped lips and even around your nose (the corners) if it gets too dry.
  10. Da Foxx is exactly right. Very good explanation. I have been off Accutane for almost two months. With NO breakouts. YAY!!! I love the results.
  11. I would not suggest using an AHA cleanser while on retinoids. You had the right idea by using something gentle. Try Purpose if you are unhappy with the cetaphil. Good luck!
  12. RAM worked OK for me. I did have an IB but after two weeks my pores got smaller and clearer. However, I did keep getting occasional cystic pimples that left scars. I couldn't handle it anymore so I went on accutane. Accutane worked! I use trenitoin .025 now every other night just to prevent any breakouts or wrinkles (I'm 24) but I have had only one pimple since being of accutane for over a month now, almost two. Not sure if it's still the accutane or the trenitoin, either way I am finally CLEAR
  13. don't give up! retinoids do take time to work. i know 7 weeks feels like forever but hang in there. your skin is definitely not bad enough for accutane! good luck, and remember, wear sunscreen everyday while on RAM.
  14. worked for me gotta catch it early on and use every fours hours. mine never even come to a head, they just go away
  15. I just got off accutane about a month ago. The first couple months I had normal breakouts, after that it started clearing up. My last two months until this very day I have had maybe 3 pimples, 1 cystic. It has cleared my skin dramatically. I would love to have pictures to share but before accutane I stayed away from cameras! Be patient! I hope your success is as good as mine. I suffered for years and had a terrible self image. Today, I feel great Hang in there.