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  1. It really doesn't feel rough at all. If it is, then it's unbelievable how little my skin can take. I used to use lactic acid, did quite a few peels, but it never really gave me much in the way of results. The only thing that has ever seemed to work for me is doing nothing, just using water. I tried the baby brush because I thought it might improve my red marks and general skin appearance. Now I'm confused as to why my skin doesn't react well, even doing it only once a week.
  2. Ever since learing about this "baby brush method" I thought it had to be a good idea. The problem is, no matter what I've done, it always results in more acne. At first I tried it every day, with water. That didn't work. Since then, I've tried it every second day and then once a week without water. Same result, more acne, and more oil. But people seem to have such positive things to say about it, and there is so much crap that comes off my face you'd think it must be good for you. I don
  3. Hey there, I've basically suffered from two types of acne...whiteheads around my mouth and these closed bright red bumps that crop up on my temples and cheek bone areas. I can mostly control the whiteheads by not eating sugar, but I've got some questions about the closed ones. They generally pop up due to contact. I had gone a few months without any, but one day I decided to rub my temples with black shirt to see how much dead skin I had. In a week, two or three popped up. And these
  4. Hey all, I'm looking for some responses from anyone with experience with lactic acid peels. I'm currently using 40%, and I have done about 5 peels, 4 days apart every time, starting at around 2 minutes and progressing up to 5 min last time. I'm mainly looking to clear up my red marks and soften some milder scars. I haven't been peeling or anything, skin hasn't been particularly irritated, so I'm wondering if I can do them more frequently? I do believe that in time, they will help remove red
  5. That looks almost identical to mine, though mine are probably deeper and more red. Yours look mostly like icepicks. I hope they aren't considered too severe cause I dunno what that would make mine! Hope this thread gets some good replies.
  6. I have quite a few boxcar scars on my temples as well as some deeper rolling ones on my forehead. I've been using Retin-A on and off for a few months now, and it doesn't seem to be helping. In fact, I think it may possible cause addition acne flare-ups. I know it is a long term usage product, and many people think the results are great. For everyone who's been there and done that, is Retin-A my best chance at cleaning up red marks and minimizing the shallow scars? I've been considering usin
  7. Hey there, I am very interested in what method you choose (and your results) for the shallow scarring on your forehead. I have the exact same issue, though mine are deeper. You rarely see people with random forehead scarring like that (most people have it on their cheeks it seems) so please keep us updated on what works! I will be getting some procedures done after my course of Accutane specifically for my forehead.
  8. I'm currently on a real low dose of Accutane, 10mg every other day. Is there any issues with taking Niacin at night? I'm very interested in trying this out! I'm trying to do everything I can, but I don't want any major side effects from taking both. Thanks!
  9. That's a good idea, however I don't use any topicals at all. All I can think of is to ice the hell out of your guaranteed break out areas before and after a workout...and of course shower immediately afterward. It's a frustrating problem for sure.
  10. Hey, I think I have just noticed a correlation between my breakouts and when I make an effort to get into shape. I remember when I was in school last year I was doing reasonable workouts 3-5 times a week, and I was getting a lot of whiteheads and red bumps. Then, over the summer, I was too exhausted from work to do any weights, and my skin improved quite a bit. Now that I'm back in school and worked out 5x in two weeks, I'm starting to flare up again. It's pretty depressing that not only ca
  11. Any input? I really think I need some way to get rid of this dead skin.
  12. Hey, I'm currently 1.5 months into a course of ultra low dose accutane (10mg every other day). Before I began, I used 40% lactic acid once every 4-6 days because my skin is extremely flaky and I have a lot of closed comedones on my forehead. If possible, I would like to continue using the lactic acid. I know it is not recommended to do any type of peels when on accutane, but given the low dose of it, and the mildness of lactic acid, does anyone see this to be a problem? I'm sick of these re
  13. Hey guys, I know its not recommended to do any type of peels while on Accutane, but I'm taking a very mild dose of 10mg every other day, to ease into it. Is it OK to continue doing 40% lactic acid peels for about 3-4 minutes once or twice a week? I'd like to continue them if possible. I didn't think it would be an issue but I just wanted to run it by the experts. Thanks
  14. Thanks for the response. I want to keep this as simple as possible. I need to do lactic acid peels regardless because of my nasty red marks. Will this provide a sufficient level of exfoliation? Like I said, there is a ton of white crap that comes off on a black shirt. You can keep rubbing the same spot and it keeps coming off. I like to be as natural as possible but I think this could be causing problems?? Thanks
  15. Hello, Lately I have been getting these random chest flare ups. Almost out of no where my chest is covered in these red blotches, I'd say between 5 and 20 usually. It looks like a big rash. They are slightly raised but they don't have a head to them. The strange thing is, they go away quick too. Sometimes my chest is pretty much clear, other times its a total mess. I switched soaps but that didn't make a big difference. There is no chance this could be folliculitus right? Anyone experie