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  1. I hope that your acne is improving But I agree that you should stop using as much of the products that you were using. You may be allergic to one of them Then gradually add them back to find the culprit
  2. You say you still get cysts but they go away in a few days. Do you find that you still get red marks or it is much less?
  3. I so feel you on #3. It's like they think you sit there trying nothing.
  4. Hey disco, I tried ACV but it did not work for me. Your skin looks oily so you need to tackle that. How i did it was that I cut out all dairy products - helped Then I used loads of "Neutrogena on the spot" day and night and my skin is starting to clear up (slowly but surely). I use Retin-A on the bigger cysts - it shortens the life of a cyst big time. I went to the derm and he suggested Accutane and I ran scared! (kidding) But this is working for me so far. If your skin gets dry, use a mo
  5. It is good that you have friends that accept you and don't remind you of your acne. Sometime, people that I know point it out and ask me what I am doing about it. And, Kyza, I think you give good advice. I have not been eating those foods that make acne flare up but I have still been breaking out because I have quite stressed up lately (not just about acne) So don't stress out or be negative because it seems to make acne worse and then you enter a horrible cycle.
  6. I have found that we are our own worst critic. I know before I had acne and I saw someone else with acne I would notice it but it never ruled my opinion of them. In other words, other people don't care much. Go out and have fun. It doesn't seem like anyone is harassing you about your skin (at least I hope not). So if it doesn't matter to anyone that you would hang out with, don't limit your life,enjoy your teen years.
  7. I started using ACV a couple of days ago. I'll let you guys know how it works. So far it brought two of my cysts to a head. Does anyone know why it does that?
  8. hey, have u tried working out regularly, and i mean to really sweat it out, cause i have and while using BP and moistorizers im seeing an improvent on my overrall skin, take care

  9. I am glad to hear your acne is under control. What did you do bring it under control or was it natural? I have red spots and not much scars. This is because I tried not to pick them.
  10. It is never too late and as long as you do not give up you will find a solution Well, depends on what type of acne you have. Is it moderate or severe? I have severe acne and I have done some things to improve my skin. I stay away from dairy products (or at least I try to and when I give in I pay ) Drink lemon water and lots of water in general. I use tea tree oil at nights (this really calms my skin down and reduces redness) Try a glycolic acid moisturiser. I use Neutrogena Healthy skin face lo
  11. I wish there was a quick fix for severe acne but it remains elusive. You have to try different things. Many have found success by trying many different regimens or diets. I am still trying to find a solution myself. I'll let you know.
  12. Please don't feel that way. There is much more to life than flawless skin. Looking at television ,brain-washes us into thinking that without clear skin we're ugly. But I don't think that that is true and I am sure that you are a beautiful/handsome person anyway.
  13. I started getting brown marks myself recently and I just assumed that I was getting older that my skin scarred easier. Maybe it could be a change in hormones too, who knows?
  14. I use a mild glycolic acid moisturiser. It helps improve the brown marks but it takes really long. I need to find something faster but not harsh or that would cause more acne