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  1. Hi all, I just thought I'd share some info with those who are concerned about taking spironolactone and watching their potassium levels. I am currently taking 100 mg spiro and yaz daily (and have been for almost 3 months). Before that, I was taking 50 mg spiro daily for about 4 months. My doctor never mentioned ANYTHING about potassium or having my levels checked. I've heard/seen that several of you have doctors that require blood tests before and during taking spiro. I eat a diet pretty
  2. I am wondering how often you ladies on spiro have to go to the bathroom? I want to stay well hydrated b/c I know spiro is a diuretic. But man. I usually have to pee about once every 1-2 hours. At night, I usually get up once or twice. Of course if I don't drink anything at all, then I can make it about 3-4 hours, but then I'm dehydrated. Does this happen to anyone else? I'm not too bothered by it, I'm just wondering if this is normal. BTW, I am on 100 mg a day. I have been taking 50 in
  3. I'm on spiro, and I drink almost every weekend. I know what you mean about getting wrecked. I probably get that way about once a month to month 1/2. I do make sure I drink lost of water when I get home (and while I'm out too, if possible). I also make sure I eat something (I try to keep it relatively healthy and not high fat/grease) after having several drinks, although this may just be beneficial to prevent hangovers, which I've never had. So, just use your discretion, and obviously, if yo
  4. Thanks to all who responded! Obviously, I need to give this some time. I am now finishing my 2nd pack today. My skin hasn't gotten any worse. I hesitate to say it's better, but at least I'm not regressing. And my nurse gave me 5 free samples (wow, huh?), so I'm good to go for half a year. I will keep you all updated. ....They have the weirdest smiley things on this website.
  5. haha....**I meant most posts on here are from ppl who have used Yaz *less* than 3 months, not more. Anyone?? Thanks!
  6. I started Yaz about a month and a half ago along with an increase of spironalctone to 100 mg/day (before I started Yaz, it was 50 mg/day). I keep reading on here about ppl who hate Yaz and that it made their breakouts worse, but the majority of these posts/comments are from those who have used it >about 3 months. From what I understand, I need to wait at least 3-4 months to see if Yaz can really provide the skin benefits I'm looking for. Did anyone kind of experience no improvement/slighly
  7. I love love love MAC studiofix. It doesn't break me out (the hormones take care of that for me, but I'm holding out for my yaz/spiro combo). I have been using it for years, and it is light and natural looking with great coverage/blending. You can apply with a sponge or brush. I usually use the sponge (it looks better). But when I (rarely) do use a foundation (neutrogena healthy skin spf 30 or 20) then I use a brush. I also use clinque moisturizing gel although I'm looking for something els
  8. Since you have been turned down by your derms for spiro, perhaps speak with an Ob/GYN about this problem. I've had the same issue for years and finally spoke up about it (before I was too embarrassed). My OB/GYN checked all my hormone levels (normal) but put me on spironolactone 50mg/day to help with hair growth. It has helped. I had a couple laser treatments. Usually, you are supposed to have about 4-6 treatments to see effectiveness, but b/c I've been on the spiro, they were not necessary
  9. Thanks for your answer. I did used the search option to find an answer but I did not find anything about it...english is not my first language so it's difficult for me to understand everything that is written.I'm sorry. Bravo on your English. It seems to be better than most who speak it as their first language. But this is not the point of the message boards, haha. I have been taking spiro 50 mg/day for about four months and just recently got it increased to 100 mg/day. I have not ha
  10. The appt. went well. The doctor prescribed Yaz and increased my spironolactone dosage to 100 mg/day. I've never had any problems with BCPs and haven't for the 4 days that I've been on Yaz, so that's good i.e. no breakthrough bleeding, moods, headaches (nothing! I'm very lucky). I just don't know if I should be on them long-term if they're not necessary, but again, I'd rather be on BCP than the progesterone every other month. Thanks for your reply! I will let ppl know how this combination is
  11. Hi there- I am on spironolactone 50 mg/day and finacea cream 2x/day (('ve been on finacea for about 9 mos. and it does help with pimples on forhead and around my mouth). I went off the BCP (ortho-tri-cyclen) about 6 months ago. I never got a period (this could be due to exercise/running). And my acne started to increase. I would get a few large, painful cysts along my jawline and lower cheeks. It wasn't toooo bad but definitely noticeable. Then I took progestin for 8 days so that I would