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  1. Hi, I think I am experiencing the same problem you had, I wonder if you could advise? I did three weeks ago a 46% TCA on some spots on my face, and I did go twice and too deep, the crusts were too thick and when they came off, the skin, beside being way too red, it started to get irritated and infected, I went to the derm and she gave me antibiotics topical and by mouth. But the redness is still there, and some days it seems to become less red and shrinking and then returns to be bright red ag
  2. Yes, I wonder if anyone has had my same negative experience with 50% TCA peel and can help me, I had done 17% over the whole face before and the result was really good. three weeks ago I instead tried the 50% one (from pelsondemand.com) and applied it only to few tiny pimple scars and few tiny spots on my left cheek. I think it was way too strong this time, now when the thick scab came off, alittle over a week ago, there is a large bright red area on my left cheek that does not go away, and c
  3. Hey sweetheart, you have all the right to be feeling this way and the right to let it out, good, you are strong. I have been modeling and done local TV shows, before, let me tell you, the pictures you see are just bullshit. they are not real! if you just knew how much the right lighting can do to a person's face. First of all they have a perfect make up on, already, so the flaws are already camuflaged by that, and then they have these "beauty" soft lights all around them which makes even the ugl
  4. camina

    TCA Peels

    I just did a 50% TCA on some tiny spots, but unfortunately it was too strong and I when the scabs came off, almost two weks ago, it left all that area bright pink red, so I am now dealing with this new problem, it is healing, and kind of fading and shrinking but very very slowly, and I need to do some V-beam laser in two weeks to help fade it, I think if I had done 20% instead and not pressed the Q-tip on the spots too hard, it would have come out nicely, because I did tha on my whole face on 17
  5. HI, about the redness, do not worry, it is normal and eventually what happens is that that red skin is going to peel off again, and maybe three times, if you leave it alone, and maybe put some A+D ointment on it here and then, until it becomes the normal color again, and about the little pit, I would go to "another"dermatologist and let the doctor put 50%TCA this time on the same spot, (wait until theeh redness goes away though) where the pit is, eventually, doing over and over, it will heal, be
  6. I apologize my ignorance, i am new in this, could you please be so kind to explain what is the difference between "spot treatment" and "cross" ones? What I eman is this: Did you still use the same kind of TCA on the scars but in a different technique to get the difference in your results? Or is a totally different product and method, the "spot treatment?? I appreciate if you clarify, i want to try it. I have tried everything, even ioalcamid filler, but nothing has changed, Also you say you used