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  1. Ty Benhi that is what I wanted to know. I already ordered the jojoba oil and picked priority shipping, so I should get it something in the midweek. I hoped that when I used it on my face, it would not look so bad with the peeling. But I also do wonder, would the AHA not dry your skin out more?
  2. I do wait until the BP dries until I apply the moisturizer. I use DK's clenser, BP, and moisturize and only his products. 7 weeks of peeling skin, ouch =/
  3. I just started the regimen on monday night and I think so far it is working well. I expected redness and irritation, but I have gotten so dry that it hurts to even open my mouth and eat regular food. I moisturize twice a day, right after the BP, and even apply some during the day because it helps for a few minutes. I ordered some jojoba oil from DK and that will come in within a few days, and I am hoping that will work. Right now my skin is at the point of how skin looks after a sunburn.