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  1. 6 weeks is still a bit too early to tell if it will work or not, i would keep at it and wait atleast 12 weeks (about 3 months).....you are probably still purging, just make sure you are not over using the products, seriously, less is more i find....when i first started i used tons of bp and aha and i thought it would be more effective but it made my skin look horrible, i have toned in down tons since then (just the thinnest layer covering my skin and my skin looks alot better),,,good luc
  2. i noticed that too for me! best of luck to you and the regimen!
  3. start very slow and use only a bit of the product to test to see how your skin reacts to it, you made a mistake by starting too aggresive....slow and steady wins the race... also for me i knew my face would be pretty rough the first week so i started the regimen on a week i had free so i know i wouldnt have to see friends or go to work etc...first week was the worst for me in turns of dry red flaky skin
  4. my impression on skin purging is that there are many layers on your skin and acne bacteria grows in the deeper layers...when you use a product that works (like bp or aha) that kills that bacteria and brings that layer of the skin to the surface, thats when you see the breakout...so its not like you are forming the pimples the night before, the purge pimples you see could be pimples from weeks ago that is finally making its way to the surface, once you get rid of those and maintain using the bp y
  5. why did you start breaking out again? was it because you stopped the regimen?..
  6. i agree! dont worry too much about how you sleep, if you sleep on your side just make sure your pillow cases are changed regularly so they arent dirty and cause acne...
  7. aha is an awesome chemical exfoliator, leaves my skin real smooth and soft the next day after i apply it....also seems to help out with evening out my skin tone....just make sure you start slowly as its powerful stuff! gl!
  8. you can try to moisturize sooner after you cleanse your face?....i know before i use to wait the reocmmended 10-15 min between applications but now i just wait 5 and my skin is less irritated
  9. i wouldnt worry about it, ure still new on the regimen. its probably just your skin getting use to the BP so just give it more time....as long as your acne is going away your skin will get use to bp with time and it will get better....to get a better tone to your face you can eventually start using aha which seemed to help me balance out skin tone...
  10. trust me, if bp causes tumour/cancer growths, they would not allow it to hit the shelves, expecially being over the counter availability. bp has been out for how long? 50+ years?....they would of pulled it by now dont you think if it was dangerous?
  11. good question....i would just follow the regimen as is (apply bp morning and night) and just moisturize after you finish your swim practice. I use to swim competitively when i was in highschool and would have practice twice a day (5am) before school and 4pm after school, at that time my acne wasnt bad and i wasnt on the regimen so i couldnt tell you...but i say just try moisturizing after the swim and it should be ok, then just wait till bedtime to apply the bp
  12. i find the best way is to just lean into your shower and use the shower head to wash the cleaner off, that way your fingers never even touch your face. lots of shower heads also have different settings so i put mine on the most gentle and rinse it off that way!!
  13. its not that salicylic acid is bad, its just that it might be too irritating for the skin....i know before i went on the regimen, salicylic acid did a pretty good job exfoliation my skin...but i stopped using it after i started the regimen just cause im following the regimen pretty closely and it seems to be working....so to answer your question, it may be bad with the regimen strictly from over irritating the skin, but you wont know until you try i guess? everyones different
  14. My point was that even if they don't use BP on their necks, when they moisturize their face some BP gets mixed with the moisturizer which they then apply to their necks, causing the dryness/flakes. To solve this problem, after you wash your face moisturize your neck/wherever you don't use BP. When your face is dry, apply BP. Wait til BP dries, then apply moisturizer ONLY where you've applied BP. This eliminates your chances of getting some BP residue where it shouldnt be, i.e your neck.
  15. dont most people apply after?...since its best to let bp absorb into the skin without having to go through a layer of moisturizer aswell?