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  1. CeraVe won't break you out (the lotion..idk about the cream).. Cetaphil's moisturizer broke me out like crazy..stay with CeraVe!
  2. I really don't think it makes a difference..personally, I don't smoke very often (twice a year maybe)..drinking, on the other hand, breaks me out..but I continue to party every weekend (In college ). Cigs don't make a difference either..used to be a heavy smoker (6+ cigs/day) and when I quit nothing cleared/worsened.
  3. I'm trying to quit my doxy because in all honesty, I've been on antibiotics for like 2 and 1/2 years and that makes me uneasy. So I'm going to see what happens when I quit them..does anyone have any stories or suggestions about quitting antibiotics?
  4. Well, honestly you can't really buy clear skin with money, sorry to say. I'd spend the money to go to a derm though..and go on accutane.
    Moisturizes pretty good. Looks a little oily, so you have to put it everywhere to make it match. Makes me breakout in cysts! Coincidence or not, I decided to try Cetaphil again for a week (it's winter) [I used to use it a year ago and my skin was BAD] and I began to break out the worst I have in quite a while..Once I quit Cetaphil they healed quite fast..I'd avoid at all costs..Neutrogena's moisturizers are much better..I'd suggest the AHA one.
  5. Just to add to this, I've been using the AHA moisturizer from Neutrogena for the past few months and it works wonderfully, keeping my acne semi-at bay (by it self..with prescriptions even better). I decided I'd try Cetaphil's moisturizer again..BAD IDEA..I got 3 cysts and a lotta breakouts..I'd avoid at all costs honestly.
  6. Sorry for the bump, but I just started on Finacea today! I don't have rosacea, but I asked my doc if I could try it. :D! I'm hopeful bc my acne is very mild and it has antibacterial properties and get's rid of the redness. :o!
  7. You asked if your hair might block the pores of your forehead? The answer is yes, especially if your shampoo is irritating to your skin. Honestly, just go to the derm. You'll be happy you did. With your type of acne I don't think you'll respond well to Dan's.
  8. I haven't been on these boards in a while, but I know for a fact coconut oil is comedeogenic, just so you know.
  9. If you don't moisturize, that's probably the reason your skin is sensitive. Not to mention someone with your skin shouldn't be using a strong cleanser like Clearasil Ultra Wash..Get CeraVe or Purpose..or even Cetaphil. PS, all their moisturizers are good too.
  10. Make an appointment with another dermo (and this time, get a real derm). He sounds like he doesn't know what he's talking about at all. Also, I'm curious why you applied these acne medicines on your neck if you never had acne there in the first place?
  11. Hello everyone, As an update..I'm pretty clear..I noticed since getting pretty clear I never visit acne.org anymore..which is good. but i'm only getting maybe one bad pimple a week or something..I just have a lot of scars. I'm weened myself down to once a day/erthromycin. It made the "hard-to-breathe" feeling go away. I don't feel safe on Ery, but it works so well. It's a bit of a pickle. I'm going to try to get a very low dose of accutane tomorrow. I don't know what the doc will say but I HAVE
  12. Get CeraVe. Cetaphil has SLS which is irritating..