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  1. Thanks HouseofZits! No major changes, I had a small break out on my cheek & chin but those cleared up rather quickly. My dad said my acne was getting better but I of course think nothing has changed! I noticed that my skin-tone has smoothed out a lot not as bumpy as it was. Sometimes I miss a day of Clearogen because I stay up all night and I don't want to use the product during the day when the sun is out. I feel like my skin takes a step back on those days. Dryness has came down a bit bu
  2. Started Clearogen again and my skin isnt getting irritated anymore so I'm happy about that, I'm sure to use moisturizer anyway Skin tone was going sour once i stopped using Clearogen for a few days but its going back down once I started again Currently my sleeping habits are poor, probably contributing to bad skin
  3. Will start Clearogen again tomorrow night. The dryness/texture of the skin around my mouth has been getting better. No major changes or breakouts so thats good
  4. Oh, we recently changed from Hard Water to Soft Water. I don't know if that will have any effect on the face & acne ect...
  5. 3. Is still being irritated, I'm gonna stop using Clearogen for a couple of days and just use a gentle cleanser & moisturizer
  6. 2.5 The area around my mouth is very much irritated/dried out so I guess Clearogen is doing it's job of reducing oil produced or w/e I need a good moisturizer
  7. 2.Acne is going down a bit, and my skin tone has gotten more even, I noticed the area around my mouth seems to get a bit irritated/dried from the kit will have to be cautious while treating the area!
  8. O thats a good idea, I should take it one step at a time! Thats a picture of my cheeks where most of the red spots/acne scars are. http://img144.imageshack.us/img144/1783/acnens9.png
  9. Hello! I've had acne since puberty but I haven't really taken care of it or anything till maybe senior year or so, it just progressively got worse and worse till the state I am now. I have many red marks/acne scars mostly with the occasional breakout. I've tried Proactive (which didnt do anything for me), Obagi's Clenziderm Acne Kit, and some other over-the-counter stuff! I dont really have that many zits I have mostly red spots/acne scars... (At least I think so) I'm currently using Clearoge
  10. I've used Clenziderm by Obagi for maybe 6 months or so and my acne hasnt really gotten that much better... I dont like the BP Gel pump I think it was designed poorly and seems to leak? I bought about two kits, each kit lasts me about 3 months, I only use it once a day. I was quite diligent with it the first 3 months but I'd I began to slack a bit when results were not there But I know other people who've had success with it so I dont know X(
  11. I'm sorry but... every single product out there has a website on it now, maybe its on the box or w/e but its there and so what if people know you're combating acne? Millions of people are suffering from it! I know everyone wants beautiful flawless celebrity skin but they work hard for it too!!! They weren't born with it (a few really lucky ones are though *jealous*) And maybe you have friends or family members that are embarassed about their own skin and they can just look up acne.org themselves
  12. You're awfully defensive for someone that doesn't care about a study group
  13. lol i think its so funny of the peoples reactions when a lot of products out there have ingredients derived from urine
  14. Uhh I only read maybe the first few pages and the last few pages but I decided to go ahead and try out the Clearogen kit, I know that the lotion is the star step of the three, but I just decided to go for the kit... I have moderate acne and lots of acne scars/red spots predomoninately on my cheeks and underneath my jaw-line/chin. The spots on my forehead is like brownish? So I guess they're almost gone I've used proactive for 3 months religiously with hardly any changes so I don't know... I ho